Yoon Sang-pil, 7-under-par daily best, “maintain concentration until the end”

Yoon Sang-pil (25), who recorded the daily best by driving 7 under par, challenges for the first championship in his life.

In the second round of the ‘2023 KPGA Tour Woori Financial Championship’ held at Ferrum CC in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do on the 12th, Yoon Sang-pil recorded a 7 under par 65 strokes without a bogey, raising his ranking to a tie for second place.

In 2018, Yoon Sang-pil, who participated in the Korean Tour Huons Celebrity Pro-Am as a recommended player and won the surprise runner-up and received attention, made his official debut on the Korean Tour the following year.

In addition to winning the Challenge Tour that year, Kyung-Joo Choi set a course record of 64 at the Invitational, and was expected to become a leader in the tour. However, after that, his performance was inconsistent, and finally, after failing to keep his seed last year and going through QT, he was able to stand on the stage of the first division tour again.

I met Yoon Sang-pil in the Mixed Zone after the 2nd round.

Yoon Sang-pil, who recorded the daily best with a 7-under par, said, “Today’s performance was good. He only knows he’s in the lead.”

Regarding the secret to showing the best performance, “I couldn’t maintain my concentration until the end in the competitions I participated in this season. Today, I was more focused and I thought I would earn more strokes, but from the beginning my birdies fell a lot,” he said.

Yoon Sang-pil’s personal best result is a tie for second place, and he has yet to win a championship. Yoon Sang-pil said, “Actually, it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t greedy to win. I’m greedy, but I don’t think too much and I’m just trying to focus on my play like I did today.”메이저사이트

Also, regarding the part where the performance was not constant, “I played too complacently if I wanted it to work out well. I have to keep taking care of myself, but I was lacking in that part. This year, regardless of grades, I will pay a lot of attention to this part and try to practice steadily.”

Yoon Sang-pil also secured the Asian tour seeding rights last year. Regarding the plan for this season, “There are not that many schedules until the first half is over. I plan to focus on the Korean tour in the first half, and my goal is to play overseas in the second half.”

He said, “I first debuted on the Asian tour in 2017. Having experienced the overseas stage first, I have a strong desire to play there. It will be physically difficult in the second half, but I will persevere and run for my goal.”

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