Yang Ji-yong, who sniped Road FC bantamweight champion Moon Mun-hun, said, “I was originally the main character of the champion!”

 “I was originally the main character of that position.”

Yang Ji-yong, who won 6 consecutive wins, aimed squarely at Road FC bantamweight champion Moon Mun-hoon. Yang Ji-yong takes the first step towards becoming the Road FC tournament winner.

Yang Ji-yong will compete against Japan’s Koki Hirasawa at Road FC 063, which will be held on the 25th. In Road FC, the championship system was abolished from 2023, and the winner of the tournament was selected, and Goobne ROAD FC 062 held last year became the last championship match.

Yang Ji-yong said, “I want to play against Mun Mun-hoon in the quarterfinals. Rather than a challenge, the end of last year was the last championship match. I want to show that the main character of the place was originally me.” 안전놀이터

Since Jeon Moon is in the position of champion, he is assigned an advantageous seed in the tournament. If Yang Ji-yong wins one or two tournaments, he can face Mun Mun-hun.

Yang Ji-yong, who is facing a confrontation with Hirasawa, said, “No matter how faithful the base is, it seems that there is only one thing left to do. He showed confidence, saying, “I will do my best to conquer hitting, grappling, and jiu-jitsu.”

His opponent, Koki Hirasawa, is a ground powerhouse who has won numerous jiu-jitsu competitions. Koki Hirosawa, who dreams of participating in the tournament and competes in Road FC, is fighting against Yang Ji-yong.

Hirasawa also said, “I want to give you a taste of the fear that you have never experienced before in a match with me, be it hitting or grounding. Also, I heard that there is a tournament in this weight class, and I want to prove that I am a candidate for the championship by defeating Yang Ji-yong overwhelmingly in a match.”

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