Yang Hong-seok, who mentioned the new environment, can we catch KT Yang Hong-seok?

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 Yang Hong-seok (26), who is the core of KT’s power, along with Heo Hoon (manager), obtained the qualification as a free agent (FA). Catching Yang Hong-seok is KT’s immediate task, and Yang Hong-seok mentioned a ‘new environment’.

Yang Hong-seok attended the free agency briefing held at the KBL Center in Seoul on the 9th and expressed interest in other options, such as asking “is it possible to advance overseas as a free agent?” Naturally, after the briefing session, Yang Hong-seok was bombarded with questions about his future. Yang Hong-seok said, “I trained at KT for six years. I have been (playing basketball) in the same place. Even if you lift the same barbell, even if you throw a shot, there is a desire to do it in a new environment,” he said. “It may be a reckless challenge. I have a desire to do it in a stable place, so I haven’t made a decision yet.”

After his KBL debut, Yang Hong-seok continued to play for KT and showed his growth. He averaged 32 minutes and 9 seconds per game this season, averaging 12.6 points, 5.9 rebounds and 2.9 assists. Heo Hoon was entrusted with the role of Ace in a vacuum, but it did not live up to expectations. However, he is a tall forward capable of both shooting and rebounding and has a star quality, and has unlimited growth potential at the age of his mid-20s. This is why many teams are paying attention to Yang Hong-seok despite the slowdown this season.바카라사이트

Yang Hong-seok said, “It was very difficult during the season. Now I am focusing on my recovery and I am having a happy time,” he said. “My colleagues said the same to play basketball happily. Anyway, the choice is mine. No club has been contacted yet. I think we will be contacted gradually.” Yang Hong-seok’s share price is expected to soar in the FA market, but Yang Hong-seok is calm. “On the day of the announcement, you will know what choices I made,” he said.

KT is in a situation where it must catch Yang Hong-seok. Yang Hong-seok is needed as they have fallen to the bottom of the table this season and are starting over under manager Song Young-jin. Attention is focusing on whether KT can overcome the fierce competition and capture Yang Hong-seok’s heart. 

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