Written and composed by Villena… ‘Spring Volleyball Hope Song’ sung by KB Insurance

Overcame both points and wins in the first half in nine games in the second halfKB Insurance’s uptrend is staggering. Advancement into spring volleyball, which seemed distant, is now approaching with hope. It’s still a difficult situation, but it’s not an impossible scenario if you keep the current pace.

KB Insurance succeeded in winning three consecutive wins for the second time in the season by catching KEPCO after a full set at home on the 9th. Following the first round, it is the second three consecutive wins of the season.

KB Insurance, which secured 32 points (11 wins, 16 losses) with the victory that day, narrowed the gap with Woori Card (40 points) in third place to 8 points.

The first place in the regular league goes directly to the championship match, and the second and third place playoffs. Instead, if the difference in points between 3rd and 4th place is within 3 points, a semi-playoff will be held. For KB Insurance, advancing to the semi-playoffs is closer to a realistic goal than reaching third place.

KB Insurance succeeded in rebounding in the second half with a completely different look from the first half. In the first half, they only managed to win 5 wins (13 losses) in 18 games. 15 Victory Points are all you have earned.

However, he surpassed all of them in 9 games in the second half. 6 wins (3 losses) and secured 17 points.

At the center of the change was Andres Vijena (registered name Vijena). Vijena, who joined in the middle of the 3rd round as a substitute for Nicola Mellagnac (registered name Nicola), quickly melts into the team and plays an active role in leading the uptrend.

On the 31st of last month, Villena, who scored 46 points, his most in a single game, in the Woori Card match, scored 49 points against KEPCO, breaking his own score record in 9 days. The attack success rate reached 71.2%.

In particular, in the 5th set, which was a match, he was responsible for 9 points and played the role of a solver. Even against the KEPCO height, he did not hesitate at all and performed more brilliantly at the moment of crisis with an attack success rate of 88.9%.

It is a performance that reminds me of the performance of Keita Nomori (registered name) of the ‘Mali Express’ who bombed the V-League until last season as a member of KB Insurance.

Director Hu In-jung also praised Viyena, saying, “He did better than Keita. He worked so hard that I couldn’t even think of Keita.” 스포츠토토

In addition to the aggressive part, the way the team was united also captured the heart of coach Hu. He applauded, saying, “I am really grateful for creating an atmosphere by leading the players on the court, not because I showed offense.”

Vijena has an average of 47% attack share per game. He will feel the physical strain going into the final stages of the regular season.

However, coach Hu said, “Vijena is taking care of herself thoroughly. He is not too worried because he is a player who trains himself even during breaks.”

Vijena explained that rather, his condition improves when he plays. He said, “I feel that my physical condition is improving every week,” and showed courage, saying, “I talk a lot with the setter Hwang Taek-eui and ask for more balls.”

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