‘World Queen’ Haein Lee, 1st place in Team Trophy Free… Retained 2nd place in Korea (overall)

– Lee Hae-in, World Championship winner Kaori Sakamoto, ranked 1st

– Kim Ye-rim, who finished 18th in the World Championship, revived and

took 3rd place in Team Trophy Free – Ice Dance Lim Hae-na and Quan-ye broke personal best score… Pair Cho Hye-jin-Steven Adcock Successful International Competition Debut

– Korean Figure Skating, 2nd Place in Two

Consecutive Days, Medal ‘In Front’ She became the ‘World Queen’ at the World Team Trophy, a team competition.

Lee Hae-in scored 148.57 points, a combined technical score (TES) of 76.11 points and artistic score (PCS) of 72.46 points, in the 2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating National Team World Team Trophy Women’s Single Free Skating held at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on the 14th. received.

Lee Hae-in took first place in her Team Trophy women’s singles free skating, beating Kaori Sakamoto (Japan) who placed second with a score of 145.75. Her previous personal best score of 147.32 (at the 2023 World Championships) was also surpassed once again.

Kim Ye-rim (20, Dankook University), who competed together, climbed to third place with 143.59 points, a 1.5-point increase from the previous free skating personal best score of 142.09 (2022 Finlandia Trophy).

In the team trophy, athletes from each country compete in 4 events (men and women’s singles, pairs, ice dance) and the ranking is determined by the sum of points. The six countries with the best results in one season’s ISU international competitions will stand on the stage for the Team Trophy.

Two people each will compete in the men’s and women’s singles, and one pair each will participate in the pairs and ice dancing. The final ranking is determined by converting the short program and free skating rankings of the event into points. Also, since this is an event organized by ISU, scores recorded in this event are recognized as official scores.

The event was first held in Japan in 2009. It is held once every two years, but in 2011 the tournament was canceled due to the Tohoku earthquake. Since 2013, it has been held in Japan every two years.

Korea participated in the team trophy for the first time. In the men’s singles, Cha Jun-hwan (22) and Lee Si-hyung (23, Korea University) were named on the list of players. For the female singles, Lee Hae-in and Kim Ye-rim came out. Jo Hye-jin (18) and Adcok (27, Canada) participated in the pair, and Lim Hae-na (19) and Quan-ye (22, Canada, general games) participated in the ice dance.

Lee Hae-in won the ISU Four Continents Championships held last month. At the World Championships that followed, she won a silver medal. He won the Four Continents Championships for the first time in 14 years since Kim Yu-na (33), and the World Cha

In addition, at the team trophy this time, she showed off her best performance in women’s single short and free skating, contributing to Korea’s chances of winning a medal.

Lee Hae-in received her personal best score of 76.9 in the short program held the day before. He took first place overall, beating Sakamoto, who came second with a score of 72.69. Lee Hae-in, who surpassed Sakamoto, who achieved two consecutive victories at the World Championships last year and this year, also challenged for first place in the free skating with 12 points.

Among the 12 players, Lee Hae-in was the last to appear on the ice. He opened her game to the musical ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, her pre-skating song of all season.메이저놀이터

The first jump task, the double axel + triple toe loop combination jump, was performed cleanly and earned a GOE of 1.5 points. The triple lutz + triple toe loop combination jump that followed was also perfect. Lee Hae-in received 11.79 points, a combination of 10.1 points for basic and 1.69 points for execution. He succeeded in the triple loop and triple salchow, and jumped into the second half of the jump with an additional 10%.

He landed the triple lutz + double toe + double loop combination jump cleanly, earning an execution score of 1.26. ‘Okay T’ was a triple flip. In this jump, attention (indicated by !: beware of using the wrong skate edge) and quarter landing (indicated by q: when the number of jump rotations is insufficient at the level of 90 degrees) were pointed out. The last jump, the double axel, was done without a mistake.

All three spin elements (flying camel spin, flying change foot combination spin, and change foot combination spin) received the highest level of Level 4. The long-term step sequence also did not miss step 4, and a performance score of 1.56 was awarded. In the choreo sequence, a performance score of 1.36 was obtained.

Kim Ye-rim has participated in nine international competitions this season, including the team trophy. She had her best season, winning 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals, but at the World Championships she did not perform well and only placed 18th.

She made the mistake of treating her subsequent jump as a single on her first jump, a triple Lutz + triple toe loop combination jump, also in the Team Trophy short program. However, in the final event of the season, the Team Trophy Free Skating, she performed at her best, breaking her personal best score.

At the end of the season, Kim Ye-rim suffered from a chronic back injury. She didn’t have a big impact on the game, but she wasn’t in the best shape on the ice. Her poor performance at the World Championships made the tower she had built throughout the season seem to collapse in an instant. However, she announced the ‘resurrection of figure skating generals’ in the free skating of this competition, and she shed tears after finishing the game.

Haena Lim and Quanye, who competed in the ice dance free dance held earlier, scored a personal best of 109.27 points. Among the 6 participating teams, the Lim Hae-na-Quan-ye group took 6th place and earned 7 points. America’s Madison Choke-Evan Bates Joe, who took first place, scored 138.41 points, a new world record, giving the United States 12 points.

Lin Hai Na-quan Ye has been active on the junior stage all season. Last month, at the Junior World Championships, she won a silver medal for the first time in Korean ice dancing history.

Lin Hae-na and Quan-ye modified their free dance program, ‘The Dance of Death’, to suit the seniors this season. Junior Rhythm Dance consists of a total of 8 elements. Seniors, on the other hand, have to perform 10 elements.

Those who evenly matched all the elements without any major mistakes revealed their prospects for the next season by changing their personal best scores.

Jo Hye-jin (18) and Stephen Adcock (27, Canada) challenged in the pair skating short program. Formed in May of last year, the Jo Hye-jin-Adcok pair made their international debut in this tournament. Those who participated in the National Championships in January showed improved skills and rose to 6th place (7 points) with a score of 60.55 in the short program in their debut match at an international competition.

With this, on the second day of the competition, Korea scored 36 points, including 1st place (12), 3rd place (10), 6th place (7 points) in ice dance, and 6th place (7 points) in pair. With 75 points combined with 39 points recorded on the first day of the competition, she maintained second place. With 90 points, the United States is running ahead. The host country, Japan, which was evaluated as a candidate for the championship, trailed Korea by one point with 74 points.

The baton in women’s singles leads to men’s singles. ‘Captain’ Cha Jun-hwan and Lee Si-hyeong will compete in the men’s single free skating event to be held on the 15th. In addition, Jo Hye-jin and Adcock Jo also challenge the pair free skating.

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