Will the era of base stealing come?

Several regulations change from the 2023 season to reduce aggressive baseball and time. Among them, there are many things that will affect base stealing.

The Major League Secretariat recently unveiled the base that will be used from the 2023 season. It has increased from the existing 15 inches (approximately 38 cm) to 18 inches (approximately 46 cm).

In addition, this rule change includes a pitcher’s pitching time limit and check limit. First of all, the pitcher must pitch within 20 seconds even when there are runners.

A pitcher’s pitching time limit is a great benefit to runners as well as batters. This is because there is less time to care about runners.

There is also a limit on the number of checks. If the pitcher fails to catch a runner after throwing the third check ball, he is allowed to advance to the next base.

Base size + pitcher’s time limit + number of checks. All the devices for increasing base steals are complete. As a result, many people are considering the revival of the stolen base as a fait accompli.

But stealing bases isn’t a very effective tactic in baseball. First of all, the expected score from a successful base steal is less than 0.2 points. 안전놀이터

On the other hand, the expected score lost due to a stolen base is more than 0.3 points. In addition, stealing is a strategy that can cause injuries to fingers, wrists, ankles, etc. during the execution process.

For hitters with a certain level of power, it is much better for the individual player and team to focus on hitting home runs rather than stealing bases.

In fact, no major league player has recorded more than 50 stolen bases in a season since the 2017 season. Last year, king stealer John Bertie made 41.

Stealing is a good weapon for players with quick feet but no power to increase their ransom, but it is very ineffective for players with more than a certain level of power.

It remains to be seen how far the rule changes that encourage such offenses will boost the number of stolen bases in the major leagues.

However, like the 1980 season, the ‘era of stealing’ with 100 top steals and 52 top 10 steals is highly unlikely to come. It’s because it’s more efficient to focus on hitting.

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