“Why only us?” 1R host Taiwan, angry at WBC

Taiwan, the host country of WBC Group A, was outraged.

The WBC recently released publicity posters for each participating country in the tournament. This poster contains the images of each country’s representative players. 메이저사이트

However, there was no player representing Taiwan, the host country, on the Group A poster. Group A features Chinese Taipei, Cuba, Italy, the Netherlands and Panama.

In response, Taiwanese baseball fans rose up. The commissioner of the Taiwan Professional Baseball League (CPBL) also strongly protested against the WBC. Some Taiwanese fans were indignant, saying that China’s influence was at work.

The WBC, which confirmed this fact belatedly, posted a poster including a picture of Taiwanese infielder Lin Zhiwei. Lindsway is a former major leaguer who played for the Boston Red Sox.

The WBC president hastily issued a statement of apology.

Chinese Taipei will play Panama for the first time on March 8.

On the other hand, Ha-seong Kim was selected as the Korean representative of Group B.

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