“When others get one, I get three.” Samsung’s future 1R, 20-year-old infielder, is serious about training his grandson, In-pyo Fungo.

“When others get one, I try to get three.”

Samsung Lions infielder Kim Young-woong, 20, has been called the future of Samsung. The Gongdong-dongcho-Ya-ro-joong-Mulgeum-go native was drafted by Samsung with the 22nd overall pick in the first round.

Last season, he batted .133 with two doubles, one home run, one RBI and two runs scored in 13 games. This season, he’s batting .175 with 11 hits, six RBIs and six runs scored in 32 games. He still has a lot of work to do, but he also has a lot of room to grow.

As a result, Kim was honored to play in the 2023 Futures All-Star Game.

“I’m honored to be selected for the Futures All-Star Game,” said Kim on Thursday. I’m going to do my best as much as I can,” he said.

A look back at the first half of the season. Although he has already surpassed the number of games he played last season, he still feels like he has a lot to work on.

“I’m not satisfied,” he said. There are goals I had in mind, and I didn’t achieve them perfectly. But I think I’m doing better than last year, so I’m happy about that, so I’m going to work harder,” he said encouragingly.

“I’m still not happy with my first pitch, but I think it’s better than last year. I think I’ve gotten better at bat and battling with the pitcher.”

Messages from Samsung manager Park Jin-man and Samsung Futures manager Kim Jae-gul, both of whom made a name for themselves as defensive players during their playing days, have been a big help to Kim as he continues to grow. He is also happy to be able to train with his grandfather, a defense coach. Even though it’s hard, he feels good about his progress.

“Coach Park Jin-man emphasizes the basics a lot. Coach Kim Jae-gul always tells me to be confident and to always smile,” he said, adding, “My grandfather, the coach, also takes care of me a lot. It’s hard, but when others get one, I try to get three. It’s been hot lately, and at home games, he comes out half an hour before training starts to play pongo. I’m grateful,” he said.

I’m always thinking about how to improve my hitting. He often watches videos of SoftBank legend Yuki Yanagita at the recommendation of Lee Jae-hyun. Yanagita is a SoftBank legend who played exclusively for SoftBank, amassing 1,379 hits, 238 home runs, 770 RBIs, and 804 runs scored in 1255 games in Nippon Professional Baseball.먹튀검증

Kim Young-woong said, “I don’t feel like I’m good enough to push him. When Jae-hyun and I were talking about baseball in the hotel room, he asked me to watch a video of Yanagita, so I watched it before bed, and it was really cool. I’m not trying to copy the form. I’m watching it in slow motion to get the timing and feel of it.”

Although this was the Futures All-Star Game, Kim hopes to one day play in the first-team All-Star Game, which features only star players.

“It won’t happen right away, but I want to work hard and become the player the team needs. There are a lot of good seniors in the league, so I will learn a lot,” Kim said.

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