We leave to prepare for greater glory! Ulsan begins winter training in Portugal

Professional football K League 1 Ulsan Hyundai started winter training in Portugal to prepare for greater glory.

The Ulsan team departed for Portugal, the winter training ground, by plane on the night of the 21st and will continue winter training until the 10th of next month.

The Algarve region of Portugal, where Ulsan will be conducting this winter training, has a mild climate and pleasant outdoor training conditions with an average temperature of 17 degrees. In preparation for the 2023 season, the Ulsan team plans to train with a focus on strengthening physical strength and organizational skills. 메이저놀이터

The determination of the Ulsan team, which has started winter training with the team composition for the 2023 season almost complete, is different than ever. The Ulsan team, which tasted the harvest by lifting the K-League championship trophy for the first time in 17 years last year, aims to build strength to lift more championships in the upcoming season through this winter training.

Above all, Ulsan wants to build a stronger team by participating in the ‘2023 The Atlantic Cup’ competition held near the Algarve during the winter training period, checking skills. Ulsan’s ‘2023 The Atlantic Cup’ schedule is February 2nd (Thu) 19:00 vs Brantport B (Bella Vista Stadium), 6th (Mon) 17:00 vs FC Mittwillan (Algarve Stadium), 10th (Fri) ) 13:00 vs Lyngbi BK (Albufeira Stadium). (The game times above are all local time)

Captain Jeong Seung-hyun said, “It is a field training where everyone recognizes the goal they want and leaves while everyone is gathered. I will do my best in training to bring about the best results.”

Meanwhile, the Ulsan team, which will return on the 12th after completing the battery training on February 10th, will continue winter training at the Ulsan Clubhouse from the 15th.

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