‘Victory in 4258 Days’ Daejeon defeated Ulsan 2-1 and stopped 7 consecutive wins, Gwangju held Daegu 4-3 and ‘Moonlight Derby’ Miso

 Daejeon Hana Citizen caught a big fish. I caught Ulsan Hyundai. It’s been 4258 days. They cheered in front of 16,359 fans.

Daejeon, led by coach Lee Min-seong, won 2-1 in the 7th round of the ‘Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’ against Ulsan held at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 16th. Daejeon (4 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss) caught Ulsan and cheered. Daejeon defeated Ulsan for the first time in 12 years since August 20, 2011 (1-0 win). On the other hand, Ulsan (6 wins and 1 loss) suffered its first defeat this season. It failed to reach the record of 7 consecutive wins, the most at the start of the K-League.

It was a confrontation between two ‘hot’ teams. The ‘promoted team’ Daejeon was an absolute powerhouse in the home. It was undefeated at home for 9 consecutive games (6 wins, 3 draws) from the 35th round last season. Previously, in 2022, they recorded a whopping 23 games undefeated (16 wins, 7 draws) at home. Ulsan was running on a 6-game winning streak. If Daejeon was captured, it was a situation that stood shoulder to shoulder with the record for the most consecutive wins in the opening of the K-League. In the history of the K-League, the teams that won 7 consecutive wins at the start were Suwon Samsung (1998) and Seongnam FC (2003).메이저놀이터

The match was fierce. Daejeon shook Ulsan with bold pressure. The opening goal also belonged to Daejeon. In the 9th minute of the first half, Lee Hyun-sik flashed his toes. Received a pass from Hyunsik Lee and shook Ulsan’s net. Ulsan, who allowed a blow, chose to change. In the 17th minute of the first half, Kang Yun-goo was replaced by Kim Min-hyeok. hit Ulsan tied the score 1-1 with Rubikson’s goal a minute later. On the 8th, Rubikson started scoring two consecutive goals following the multi-goal against Suwon Samsung.

A defensive battle ensued. Ulsan took another chance. It was 32 minutes in the first half. Rubiksson fired a powerful mid-range shot. Daejeon’s Lee Chang-geun made a super save. Ulsan did not miss the rebounded ball. Seol Young-woo caught it and shook the net of Daejeon. However, in the process, Rubikson’s offside was declared and the goal was cancelled.

Daejeon laughed in the situation of General Menggun. Hyunsik Lee scored an extra goal in the extra time of the first half. After a fierce ball fight, Daejeon started scoring. Thiago’s pass was hit by Hyunsik Lee, who shook Ulsan’s net with an intense shot. The first half ended with Daejeon leading 2-1.

Ulsan took out a replacement card at the start of the second half. Instead of Kim Tae-hwan, Cho Hyun-taek stepped on the ground. Ulsan’s Rubik’s Hand and Daejeon’s Lee Hyun-sik shot, aiming for a goal.

The tense development did not change easily. A fierce battle of brains took place between the benches of both teams. In the 15th minute of the second half, Ulsan removed Ataru and Park Yong-woo and replaced Lee Chung-yong and Kim Min-hyeok. Daejeon took out Leandro and Kim Hyun-woo and put in Jeon Byeong-gwan and Lim Deok-geun in turn.

It was fierce. Players collapsed complaining of physical problems. Daejeon replaced Bae Jun-ho with Gong Min-hyeon, and Ulsan replaced Um Won-sang with Bakko to prepare for the last minute spurt. Ulsan pulled the reins of the attack. However, Daejeon goalkeeper Lee Chang-geun made a series of super saves. Ulsan, who was aiming for a twist, laughed in vain. Daejeon showed concentration until the end and led the game to victory.

Gwangju FC and Daegu FC’s Daejeon-Ulsan game in Gyeonggi-do was as good as it was. ‘Bitgoeul’ Gwangju ended up winning ‘Dalgubeol’ Daegu by one goal after a bloody battle. Gwangju won 4-3 in the match held at DGB Daegu Bank Park at 7:00 pm on the 16th. Gwangju scored the first goal. In the 18th minute of the first half, during the build-up process right after the set piece, Timo’s long pass with his left foot headed for Kim Han-gil, who dug into the back space. Kim Han-gil shook the net lightly with a sensuous one-touch shot. It was the Gwangju debut goal of a veteran striker from Seoul and Jeonnam. He scored an extra goal just before the end of the first half. In the 44th minute of the first half, Sandro, who took over the kill pass from Doo Hyun-seok who stole the ball from Daegu midfield, faced goalkeeper Oh Seung-hoon one-on-one. Oh Seung-hoon could not block the shot. Sandro’s goal that coach Lee Jung-hyo had longed for. The first half ended with Gwangju leading 2-0.

In the second half, Daegu tried to turn around with a combination of Sejingya, Edgar, and Sedga. But Gwangju ran away. In the 14th minute of the second half, following Doo Hyun-seok’s cross, Huh Yul’s body-thrown header exploded. Choi Young-eun hit it with her right hand, but helplessly, the ball crossed the goal line. Immediately after conceding a goal, coach Choi Won-kwon took out Lee Yong-rae and put in Park Se-jin, expressing his intention not to back down from home. Four minutes later, in the 18th minute of the second half, the comeback goal was scored. Ko Jae-hyun took over Park Se-jin’s through pass and shook the net with his right foot. Ko Jae-hyun scored a multi-goal in the 33rd minute of the second half, followed by Keita’s equalizer in the 37th minute. The score quickly became 3-3.

However, the match ended with Daegu winning. In the 41st minute of the second half, Gwangju, who had crouched, caught Daegu off guard again. Following Sandro’s cross, Ha Seung-woon’s right foot split the net. Gwangju, who won 3 consecutive away matches on August 30, 2020, 6-4, March 10, 2021 4-1, and August 20, 2021 2-1, won again 4-3 at Daepak, which returned after 2 years. did.

In Chuncheon, Incheon United broke the chain of consecutive draws and laid the foundation for a mid-table leap. Gangwon FC postponed the challenge for the first win of the season to another time, and Incheon won 2-0 in the match against Gangwon held at the main stadium of Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon on the 16th. Incheon, who escaped from the recent 3 games in a row (1 draw, 2 losses), took their 2nd win (2 draws, 3 losses) of the season and recorded 8 points, joining the mid-table group. On the other hand, Gangwon failed to report a victory in the 7th game (3 draws and 4 losses) since the opening with 2 consecutive losses. Incheon secured a valuable victory with consecutive goals from Kim Jun-yeop in the 21st minute of the first half and Hernandez in the 39th minute of the second half.

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