“Ulsan 7 consecutive wins blocked”… Daejeon soccer ‘blast’

 This is ‘News Plus’ Kim Hyun-soo.

K League 1 Daejeon Hana Citizen’s momentum seems to pierce the sky.

In yesterday’s home game, they beat Ulsan Hyundai, the strongest team in the K-League, and rose to third place.

In particular, Ulsan, which was running 6 consecutive wins, aimed for 7 consecutive wins, the record for the most consecutive wins at the start of the K-League, but was blocked by Daejeon.

Yesterday’s game, Daejeon scored the opening goal and set the mood at the beginning of the game.

Let’s take a look at the main game scene first.

[“It’s the 9th minute of the first half. Lee Hyun-sik catches up from the corner on the Ulsan side. The stolen ball is Lee Jin-hyun’s left-footed shot and goal. Ulsan’s pursuit continues immediately. In the 18th minute of the first half, Kim Min-hyeok changes direction and passes, Rubik’s hand’s powerful left-footed shot and goal. The winning goal in Daejeon came in extra time in the first half. A pass to Leandro’s goal, Bae Jun-ho, Lee Jin-hyeon, Thiago hit the chest, and Lee Hyun-sik shot the goal.”] Soccer fans who watched yesterday’s game also responded enthusiastically카지노사이트


“The fierce battle that was not fully revealed in the goal scene was enough to be said to be the best game of the season”, “I am a fan of Ulsan, but I got tired of the fighting spirit of the players in Daejeon, I am grateful to the players of both teams for their wonderful performances”. yo. this.

In fact, Ulsan Hyundai coach Hong Myung-bo also praised it as “a very interesting game”, saying, “I think the game Daejeon showed will be a good precedent for the K-League.”

About 16,000 spectators visited the Daejeon World Cup Stadium yesterday.

I also watched the game in person yesterday.

It was truly a festive atmosphere.

[Kang Hee-gyu, Lee Woo-in/Wonsinheung-dong, Daejeon City : “It was a very meaningful match to win so dramatically against last year’s champion Ulsan, and I really enjoyed it.

” You did well.”]

[Hong Jeong-pyo/Yongsan-dong, Daejeon City : “Joo Se-jong is very good. But I think Lee Hyeon-shik is the best MVP for goals. Fighting to the first place, Daejeon fighting!”] The main characters of yesterday’s goal,

midfielder The performances of fielders Lee Jin-hyun and Lee Hyun-shik stood out.

First of all, Jinhyun Lee is running 1st in assists in the 1st Division, recording 4 assists so far.

In a recent media interview, he expressed his confidence, saying, “I felt that the players’ capabilities were not inferior to the K League 1 players from last season (before promotion).”

Also, Lee Hyun-sik, who scored 1 goal and 1 assist in yesterday’s game, is an attacking midfielder.

From last season, due to team circumstances, he appeared a lot as a wingback, that is, a side defensive position.

He even identified his strengths as his stamina and mobility, which were demonstrated in yesterday’s match.

[Soundbite] Lee Hyeon-shik/Daejeon Hana Citizen Player : “I don’t think we have anything to fear. No matter which team we face, we are challengers, so I think that’s a very good mentality.”] In addition to the two players, Ulsan’s strong

shooting Goalkeeper Lee Chang-geun, who defended the goal of Daejeon by blocking several times, also stood out.

Joo Sejong, who had his first comeback after injury, expressed regret about his power with his mask, but showed a recovery.

Daejeon Hana Citizen’s next game is scheduled to be an away match against Daegu FC this Saturday at 4:30 pm.

‘Soccer Special City’, which announced the return, hope that the current momentum will continue in the future.

So far, it was ‘news plus’.

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