UFC Park Jun-yong and Park Hyeon-seong “I’m happy because my job is a ‘fighter'”

Korean fighters participated in six of the 12 matchups at UFC Fight Night held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on the 5th. Domestic fighters recorded 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in 5 matches, excluding the match where opponent Kim Ji-yeon (33), Mandi Byun, was canceled due to health problems.

Two of these wins were submission victories won by Park Joon-yong (32, middleweight -83.6kg) and Park Hyun-seong (28, flyweight -56.7kg) in the first and third rounds, respectively. Park Jun-yong won three consecutive victories on the day, and Park Hyeon-seong signed an official contract with the UFC to stand in the octagon.

At the meeting between the two players held on the 14th, Park Jun-yong and Park Hyeon-seong were both showing satisfied faces. Park Jun-yong and Park Hyeon-seong said in unison that they are happy just playing the game. Park Joon-yong laughed, saying, “I’m happy to earn a living doing what I love,” and Park Hyun-seong said, “Fighter is my job, and I really like making money with this job.”

Park Joon-yong, who won 3 consecutive wins twice and recorded 6 wins and 2 losses in his UFC career, said about the last fight with Dennis Tullulin (34, Russia), “Actually, I did not intend to finish in the first round.” I was able to run the game the way I thought.” During the game, Park Jun-yong showed his nickname, ‘Turtle’, by dragging Thululin from the ground top position and moving it to the center of the octagon. Park Joon-yong introduced, “I tried to push his head toward the cage because the opponent had his foot on the cage side, so he could reverse the kicking position.”

Park Jun-yong, who is on a winning streak in the UFC, is about to enter the middleweight rankings. Park Joon-yong hinted, “I can’t ask UFC president Dana White to play against a ranked player.” He then looked back, saying, “To be happy, you have to win, and even if you lose, you must not dwell on defeat.” Regarding his teammate Jung Da-un (30, light heavyweight -93.0 kg), who was unfortunately defeated, “(Jung) Da-un replayed the match 100 more times to find what he lacked, and from the 13th he got up again and started training.” In fact, it was a game where victory was expected, but it seems that the opponent came out with a good strategy.” 

Park Jun-yong loves martial arts, but he usually plays soccer as a hobby. Hearing the story, he seemed to be pretty good at soccer, and I felt that he was serious about it. Park Joon-yong introduced “I play soccer 3-4 times a week” and “My nickname is Ronaldo”. He continued, “When I won last October, I bought 600,000 won worth of dinner from my soccer teammates at a sundae soup restaurant.” Is there any risk of injury if you play soccer often with friends? Park Joon-yong reassured him, saying, “It’s not me who weighs more than 90kg, but my older brothers who collided with each other are injured.” 온라인바카라

Park Jun-yong left after the interview, and Park Hyun-seong sat down. 

Park Hyeon-seong introduced himself as “a player who has no motor skills at all.” He said, “I did Muay Thai as a hobby when I was in high school, but my win rate was only 20%. He continued, “Seeing myself not falling down while getting hit, I wonder if my strength is on the good side.” He added, “I exercised deeply instead of not having a motor nerve, and I tested thousands of times to throw a good punch, and when the moment comes when I realize, I am growing. It seems,” he introduced.

Park Hyeon-seong eventually became the first Korean fighter to compete in the UFC flyweight division. Park Hyeon-seong said, “I signed a contract with the UFC for 5 matches (considering that a losing streak is about to leave), but I will stand in the Octagon with the thought that I decided to only play 2 matches.” ”He made up his mind. 

For Park Hyeon-seong, who was not familiar with overseas games, the most painful thing for Park Hyeon-seong was ‘adapting to the jet lag’. Park Hyeon-seong said, “I searched the Internet for ways to adjust to jet lag and followed the methods introduced, but it didn’t help at all.” Then, “(Park) Jun-yong asked his older brother how he could adjust to jet lag, and he replied, ‘Sleep when it gets dark and wake up when it’s bright’” and laughed.

Park Hyeon-seong, who has an undefeated record of 8 wins in mixed martial arts, emphasized that he did not have a big burden or an opponent he really wanted to fight in his first UFC fight. Park Hyeon-seong added, “I have lost too many Muay Thai matches, and being undefeated is bound to break someday.”

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