Tuchel Bayern Munich → Chelsea head coach also requested to join the Tuchel division

Thomas Tuchel, former Chelsea coach, took over Bayern Munich’s helm. Coach Tuchel took charge of the team after manager Julian Nagelsmann and intends to rebuild his division to win Bayern Munich’s title.

Bayern Munich sacked Nagelsmann on the 25th (Korean time) and appointed Tuchel as the new head coach. Coach Tuchel, who was taking a break after being sacked from Chelsea in September last year, will return to the German stage again. He has previously led Mainz 05 and Borussia Dortmund. 스포츠토토

Coach Tuchel is struggling to reunite the ‘Tuchel Division’ he had with Chelsea after taking charge of Bayern Munich. The key staff member is Anthony Barri, who serves as Chelsea assistant coach.

Barry served as Chelsea’s head coach from the days of Frank Lampard and Tuchel to the current Chelsea manager Graham Porter. The fact that he kept his place even when the manager was replaced proves his ability. He recently joined Portugal’s national team as head coach under Roberto Martinez.

According to Germany’s <Buld>, Barry has already requested a move to Chelsea to leave for Bayern Munich. Chelsea are negotiating and are seeking a fee to reach an agreement.

Coach Tuchel, who wants to take Barry, said, “I hope to sign Anthony, who is currently under contract with Chelsea. I am fighting for it. I am confident because that is my absolute wish.”

He left some of the coaching staff that he had with former coach Nagelsmann after taking over at Bayern Munich, and is adding his own staff to fill the ‘Tuchel Division’.

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