Troublemaker Irving, will he be a good match for Donchichi?

Technician + Technician! An unexpected ‘one-two punch’ was born. The destination of Kyrie Irving (31, 188cm), who caused controversy with the trade request from the Brooklyn Nets, was finally decided to the Dallas Mavericks. Irving’s former team, Brooklyn, instead of sending Irving and Markif Morris to Dallas, ended the situation by receiving Spencer Dinwiddie and Dorian Finley Smith, first round picks in 2029 and second round picks in 2027 and 2029.

Considering Irving’s name value and skills, there are some regrets, but he has no choice but to cross the river of no return anyway. Irving was an essential power to challenge for the championship this season, but continuing to accompany him, who ruined the entire team atmosphere with repeated unexpected actions, was virtually impossible. It is an analysis that a quick breakup was the best, considering that he even became a free agent after the season.

As evidenced by his 1st overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, Irving is clearly recognized for his talent. He is an all-weather technician who can score points in various styles by going to and from the outskirts with dribbling skills that are recognized as all-time high beyond the current era. He’s basically top-notch when it comes to ball handling, so there are a lot of options that are created there.

He can shake the opponent’s defense as he likes through flashy, low and fast dribbling, but when he mixes with various fake moves, it becomes very difficult to stop him. He is flexible, agile, and has good balance, so he pours out creative attacks to the point of exclamation, ‘Is it possible to play like that in this situation?’

Even if a double team comes up close, it doesn’t shake at all, and it pierces it with only quick dribbling and fake movements, and sometimes it dribbles with big movements and coolly cuts deep into the enemy line. Even at the moment when he loses his balance and stumbles, his ball handling does not shake, so it is very difficult to predict the next move from the standpoint of the defender who blocks him.

That’s why there are scenes where sometimes a goal is allowed in an obvious attack. Because Irving is an attack that no other player would be able to take, his mind becomes complicated and he consecrates an easy chance. One of his representative skills is the stop-jump shot, which he seems to enter and then stops, or the shot, which he pretends to pass and then puts it up.

In addition to that, even if you move slightly outside the 3-point line, the opponent flinches and reacts greatly, so he leisurely hits the outside shot. His fingertips are good enough to somehow put the ball on the rim even when he’s a bit late. Even though his main position is a point guard, there are criticisms such as ‘watching his own attack first rather than saving his teammates’ and ‘taking the dribble too long’, but it may be meaningless in front of Irving, who focuses on his game. there is.

The disadvantages of heavy ball handlers are often pointed out when they possess the ball for a long time, but the so-called cost performance is poor. Irving, on the other hand, is different. No matter how strong the opponent’s defense is, he can withstand the pressure with ballkeeping, so he can easily induce a double team and open up easy chances for his teammates. Driving a double team and being able to break it inevitably creates frequent no-mark chances for the team.

Even if the opposing team is conscious of this and prepares for it, the defensive team is easily shaken even if it turns around a few times with the right pass in the moment. It is a side effect that only a team with a top-notch ball handler can enjoy. Even though they are not born with size, are not insanely fast, or have good strength, there are only a few players in the entire league who can attack as they please with excellent dribbling skills. With these abilities at the forefront, he is averaging 27.1 points, 5.3 assists, 5.1 rebounds and 1 steal in 40 games this season. 스포츠토토

Although Irving freely steals the opponent’s timing and controls the flow of the game, such clever play does not seem to work outside the arena. Even the splendid play as a player is often faded due to various slips of the tongue or eccentricity. This is why there is a saying, ‘Technicians on the court, troublemakers outside the court’.

Therefore, attention is already focused on what kind of relationship Irving, who had parted with the club badly, will build with Dallas wherever he goes. For Dallas as well as for Irving, it is best to continue a good relationship until the end, and it is the current mindset, but it seems that constant efforts will be needed to do so.

Moreover, in the case of Irving, he needs to shed his ‘trouble maker’ image now, even for the rest of his career. Since it is impossible to maintain the peak performance forever, if you continue to build bad relationships with your team and colleagues, you may be miserably abandoned if your skills are judged not to be the same as before. It is highly likely that what he has done so far will come back as poison.

Irving has been working with players representing the league in various teams. Cleveland had LeBron James, Brooklyn had James Harden, and Kevin Durant, and Luka Doncic (23‧201cm) is holding out in Dallas, a new nest. He is a young ace who is emerging as the best player in the league, as evidenced by his average 33.4 points (tied for first place), 8.2 assists, 8.9 rebounds and 1.5 steals in 47 games this season.

He is not a player with outstanding athletic ability, but he is a top-notch technician with his unique BQ and versatility. Like Irving, he is a style that competes with skill and can play multiple positions, but the main position is point guard. They have something in common in that they play the ball for a long time, but the power of the one-two punch is likely to change depending on how they match each other. Attention is focusing on whether Irving, who is increasingly losing trust, will be able to use the opportunity to turn around in Dallas.

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