Throng Piabi, after 9 innings of empty batting, became a double electrode.. 1 loss followed by 1 win

In the second round of the PBA Team League Championship held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province on the 19th, Blue One defeated Wellbang 4-2 ( 11-6 4-9 3-15 9-5 11-1 9-5). Blue One lost to Welbang 2-4 (11-8 1-9 15-9 3-9 3-1 7-1) in the first game held earlier, and showed an uneasy move, but in the second game, they won with the same score and won the match. Balanced.

The two teams, which showed similar moves as a year ago, predicted a fierce game that lasted for more than three days this time. In the championship game last season, Wellbang and Blue One recorded 1 win and 1 loss on the first day, and then sang “General, Meonggun” to each other until the 4th game, and then Welbang, who won the 5th and 6th games, lifted the championship trophy.

In Wellbang, Frederic Kudron (Belgium)’s sluggish performance in the first game was blocked by Birol Wimaz (Turkey), Kim Ye-eun, and Oh Soo-jung. Kudron lost to Davis Zapata and Eom Sang-pil in the first set of men’s doubles with Han Ji-seung, and also lost to Zapata in the third set of men’s singles. 온라인바카라

However, in the mixed doubles, Wimaz and Sujeong Oh, Wimaz recovered the win over her fellow Turkiye Chan Chapak in the men’s second singles match, and in the final 6th set, Kim Ye-eun set a spin in the women’s doubles, confirming the victory in the first match.

Blue One’s second game victory was led by Kang Min-goo and Throng. In the 4th set of mixed doubles, where the two were dragged to Wellbang with a set of 1-2, Kudron and Kim Ye-eun were 9-5 and balanced 2-2.

Kang Min-goo gave only one point to Han Ji-seung in the ensuing men’s second singles and won 11-1 to turn the tide of the game. returned to the starting point.

In particular, in the 6th set, Throng fell into a 10-inning empty hit and recalled the memory of the first round match against Haitai Crown last season. Even at that time, Throng turned empty-handed for 10 innings in the women’s singles match against Minjoo Baek. However, while trailing 0-9, he overturned the game by writing a ‘perfect cue’ that drove down 11 points in the next inning.

On this day, Throng failed to achieve a perfect cue again, but after opening the fire with 2 points in the 10th inning, in the 11th inning, he succeeded in 4 strokes like Altoran, overtaking Oh Su-jeong, who only scored 1 point, and then in the 12th and 13th innings, a big bank shot. The game was over, Throng said, “I ran out of stamina to play the first game. He had a really hard time even cheering. However, he overcame the situation by thinking that there are people who want to stand on such a big stage but can’t. I am proud,” he said.

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