There is a series of ‘EPL-FA Cup-Champions’…Conte falls out at a really important time

It’s a really important time for Tottenham Hotspur, but Antonio Conte isn’t on the bench.

Tottenham said on the club website on the 16th (Korean time), “Coach Conte underwent a follow-up of surgery yesterday. He recently underwent cholecystitis surgery and will stay at home with his family for a full recovery. Health is the top priority. Everyone at the club wishes Conte good health.”

“My sense of responsibility to the club, players, staff and fans pulled me onto the field faster. This was not a routine operation, it was a sudden and serious emergency,” Conte said on social media. “My body suffered from my impatience. Now I have no choice but to stop until I fully recover. My heart is heavy, but it is a necessary procedure.” 스포츠토토

Recently, he seemed to be riding the atmosphere with three consecutive wins in official matches, including a win over Manchester City, but was defeated 1-4 by Leicester City and lost in the first leg of the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) against AC Milan. Now is the time to raise your grades again.

Looking at the schedule for the next five games, the English Premier League (EPL), England FA Cup and UCL are in a row. We have to work hard to raise the league rankings to the top 4, and we have to focus on the FA Cup and UCL, where trophies are at stake, in order to stop being irrelevant. In the EPL, we face West Ham United, Chelsea, and Wolverhampton, and in the FA Cup, we meet Sheffield United.

It’s a pity that Conte isn’t on the bench at such an important time. Coach Conte, who has been criticized by fans for showing frustration in the tactical part, but the departure of the head of the team is highly likely to adversely affect the team as the control tower will be absent. Without Conte, Tottenham were under pressure to play a series of important matches.

Head coach Christian Stellini will take over the helm. Head coach Stellini has led the team whenever Conte is absent, and has achieved good results. He was also known to be trustworthy with his players. Reporter Michael Bridges of British ‘Sky Sports’ said, “Tottenham players love Stellini very much.” For Tottenham, it is fortunate among misfortunes.

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