The winter tour announced in 23, it was hot from the first day 

As much as I waited for a new start, the 3×3 court was still hot.

The 2023 KXO 3×3 Winter League in Hongcheon opened at the Hongcheon National Sports Center in Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do on the morning of the 4th and successfully completed the first day schedule. KXO, which successfully completed a season with a total of five tours across the country last year, prepared for the new season more diligently than anyone else this year and held this winter league.

As many teams and players have been waiting for the start of this year’s 3×3 season, they challenged themselves through the U18 division, the men’s open division, and the KXO league. The U18 division and the men’s open division each group qualifying for the quarterfinals, and the KXO league part of the full league schedule, what was the result?

First, in the U18 division, where the youngest members fought hard, Seoul APASS and Incheon APASS, in which the entire club team participated, took first place in Groups A and C with two victories, respectively. In particular, Incheon APASS left overwhelming scores of 21-1 and 21-3, raising expectations for the final tournament.

In Group D, Wonju YKK emerged as another favorite for the championship as they won 21-7 and 21-1 victories over Hongcheon Epin B and Kiss The Rim B, respectively. Six Man advanced to the quarterfinals by placing first in Group B, while Nave, Stepback, Hongcheon Epin A, and Hongcheon Epin B also advanced to the quarterfinals by finishing second in each group.

In Group A of the men’s open division, Master-Wook Master, who was once again aiming for the strongest in each category, took first place by defeating Gyeonggi-do Min and Team G. Gyeonggi Provincial Min also followed with a win against Team G. 바카라사이트

In Group B, Woowa Sports and Crong automatically advanced to the quarterfinals due to the absence of Assemble, while Halsvana and Hasla Gangneung took the lead in Groups C and D. Wonju 3POINT and Yessi Health Center also took second place and got tickets to the quarterfinals, continuing their journey towards the top challenge.

Lastly, in the KXO League, Haneulnaeinje, Busan DEPOT134, Hongcheon Epin, and Assist X Basketball College played half of the full league schedule. As a result, Heavenly Inje succeeded in winning one win against Busan DEPOT134, and Busan DEPOT134 against Hongcheon Epin. Here, Hongcheon Epin defeated Assist X Basketball College and formed a structure like a food chain, making the remaining schedule more interesting.

In the KXO League, after completing the full league schedule, the 1st and 2nd place will play the final match.

On the other hand, on the second day of the competition on the 5th, the quarterfinal tournament of the U18 division and the men’s open division, and the remaining schedule of the KXO league will be held. Attention is focusing on who will be the protagonist who will take the first championship title in this tournament, which marks the beginning of the year.

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