The son of a professional baseball team as the perpetrator?

 The Sports Ethics Center launched an investigation on the 22nd while the son of the incumbent professional baseball team leader was pointed out as the perpetrator of school violence and caused a stir.

On the 18th, a number of media reported that a student player of a high school baseball club in Seoul was repeatedly bullied by three classmates, and one of the perpetrators was the son of a professional baseball team leader.

The victim’s mother said, “Among the perpetrators, the son of the professional baseball team leader harassed my child the most.” denied

According to one media, the facts of the damage are as follows. Since November of last year, the victim informed the director of school violence, but the director conducted a light interview about the incident. However, after that, the violence of the perpetrators towards the victim students became more severe, and the situation worsened.

As the controversy continued, the Sports Ethics Center began an investigation on the 22nd.

The Center for Sports Ethics is an independent organization that investigates human rights violations and corruption in the sports world by integrating the reporting functions of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Council in the wake of the 2019 short track sexual assault case.

The reason the concerned agency stepped in was that it was a clear violation of the law that officials such as the baseball team coach knew about the damage but did not report it to the center.먹튀검증

The National Sports Promotion Act stipulates that “Persons prescribed by Ordinance of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, such as sports instructors, athletes, athlete management personnel, and mayors, county heads, and district heads, are aware of human rights violations and sports corruption in the sports world, or if they are suspected of such violations, the Sports Ethics Center or an investigative agency. should be reported immediately to the ‘(Article 18-4).

This case has already been investigated by the school itself with a report from the homeroom teacher of the victim student. On the 24th, it was revealed that it was scheduled to be handed over to the School Violence Deliberation Committee of the Office of Education after discussing the organization in charge of school violence.

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