The shackles on Son Heung-min with Conte tactics, only Clins released

Klinsman reveals Son Heung-min free-roll after Colombia
match Son Heung-min, who was sacrificed in Tottenham tactics, breaks the shackles and plays an active part

Son Heung-min (31) scored two goals in manager Jurgen Klinsmann’s debut match, and the secret was found to be Son Heung-min’s free role tactic.

Son Heung-min played both the first and second half of the soccer team A-match evaluation match against Colombia held at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium on the 24th and scored two goals.

Son Heung-min scored a left-footed mid-range goal in the 10th minute of the first half without missing the opponent’s goalkeeper’s mistake, and shook the net with a free kick in the extra time of the first half.

Even in the second half, Son Heung-min showed threatening movements, such as attempting a sharp left-footed mid-range shot after dribbling.

After the game, coach Klinsman revealed that he had given Son Heung-min a free role that was not restricted to a specific position. Regarding Son Heung-min, coach Klinsman said at a press conference after the game, “It is natural for players in the attacking line to move naturally, whether in the center or on the sides. revealed

The free-roll is a role that the coach gives to players with excellent creativity, goal-making ability, predictability, and judgment. A player who plays in the free roll can read the flow of his game and play voluntarily according to his own judgment without being bound by the position. Players who played free-roll are mainly world-class attacking midfielders such as Messi, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Del Piero, and Totti.

Son Heung-min, who became a free-roller, stirred the ground to his heart’s content as coach Klinsman expected. Son Heung-min tried his strengths, dribbling and shooting, going back and forth between the center and the flanks, midfield and the front.

This is different from Son Heung-min’s situation in Tottenham, his team in the Premier League.

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte is asking Son Heung-min to actively participate in the defense. Because of this, Son Heung-min goes down to the last line during defense and blocks the opponent’s striker. Even if a counterattack starts by stealing the opponent’s ball, Son Heung-min has to run from start to finish on the ground, which inevitably increases his physical burden.

In addition, coach Conte took away space from Son Heung-min by using Perisic, who has a strong tendency to attack, as a left fullback. There were often situations in which Son Heung-min, who was good at running into the space created in the opponent’s camp, acted as a bait for Perishi’s side breakthrough.

Conte’s tactics, in addition to the aftermath of an orbital fracture and other teams’ intensive checks, are dominant in the goal drought this season for Son Heung-min, the top scorer in the Premier League last season. 스포츠토토

Coach Klinsman, who took over as the head coach of the Korean national team, freed Son Heung-min from the shackles at Tottenham, and Son Heung-min ran freely on the ground and scored two goals as expected.

However, the defensive gap that occurs when Son Heung-min is given a free role is something to consider.

How much Son Heung-min will participate in defense and how to overcome the numerical inferiority in defense that occurs when Son Heung-min focuses on attack are tasks that coach Klinsman needs to solve. Spain’s prestigious FC Barcelona also suffered several times with frequent conceding in matches against world-class teams due to a free-role Messi who lacked defensive participation when the defenders’ capabilities and defensive organization were weakened.

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