‘The secret to his monstrous scoring ability?’ Holland’s favorite snack that he used to eat like a bear, carrots

Elling Holland is a monster.

He has been spewing out amazing goals since his first year in the English Premier League. Haaland, who proved his talent in Austria and Germany, continues to score like a monster in the most intense and difficult Premier League. He exploded a whopping 25 goals in 23 matches. He is on the verge of breaking the English Premier League record for most goals in a single season (34) held by Andy Cole and Alan Shearer. 온라인카지노

He boasts an amazing diet as well as an amazing game. Holland pays attention to his diet to take care of his body, and according to the documentary he appeared in, he is said to eat the liver and heart of cows. He is also famous for being a glutton. “He eats like a bear. He’s a monster. I’ve never seen anyone eat that much,” said Fenerbahce’s fellow Norwegian national teammate Josh King.

However, Haaland, who suffered from constant injuries, cut 6,000 calories a day. But as much as he was a glutton, his mouth couldn’t be helped. So it seems that carrots were chosen. On the 18th (Korean time), the British daily newspaper The Sun reported Holland’s love for carrots, saying, “Fans must have noticed that Holland is not only a scoring machine, but also a carrot chewing machine.” Holland doesn’t even take the carrot out of his mouth when signing autographs. The Sun said, “Holland will never suffer from vitamin A deficiency,” and “Healthy food is the secret to his success.”

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