The reason why two alumni of the solidarity baseball team came together “I want to give them a chance to compete”

Two Yonsei University classmates in the class of 1997 took on a new challenge. The local high school baseball team made a club team in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, which disappeared one after another. This is because they want to give students who love baseball a chance to compete properly.

Han Advertising, a sports specialized high school in Seoul, recently signed a business agreement with Gangseo HK Baseball Club (Gangseo HKBC). While Gangseo HKBC provides various facilities and equipment, it is the main point of guiding members under the final supervision of the school. With the help of the Gangseo-gu Baseball Association, we also secured a dedicated stadium outside the school. As soon as the establishment is approved by the Korea Baseball Softball Association and player registration is completed, they are planning to embark on a full-fledged journey with the goal of participating in the league this fall.메이저놀이터

Former pitcher Kim Jang-hyun, who played for Lotte Giants in professional baseball in the past, stepped up as manager of Gangseo HKBC. Analyst Lee Hyo-sam, who has been active as a batting analysis expert while running a bat company, took over as the leader. The two formed a relationship while playing in baseball together in college.

Grouping those who have lived in different fields back into the keyword ‘baseball’ was the desire to give young baseball players a chance. Starting with Hanseo High School in 2005, and recently, Seongji High School and Sehyeon High School, high schools in Gangseo-gu eliminated their baseball teams one after another. Students who used to go to school had no choice but to transfer to another school far from home or quit baseball to cry and eat mustard. The results of the founding came to fruition as the two who were interested in student guidance and the Gangseo-gu Baseball Association, who felt the need for a baseball club in the region, met.

The two pointed out that the amount of training players can receive has rather declined as life sports have become a ‘trend’. He also rebelled against the structure of making up for the insufficient amount of practice at private lessons. Technical details can be supplemented at outside lessons, but basic physical strength such as running must eventually be developed at school. Director Lee said, “Hanwang High School is a specialized physical education high school. With the cooperation of the school, we will be able to start training two to three hours earlier than other schools.”

Their goal is to improve not only the amount of training but also the quality. This is why the ‘Rhapsodo System’, a batting and pitching analysis equipment owned by General Manager Lee, was introduced to the training ground and why a mental coach was appointed. He said, “I have to raise my skills to a level where I can compete (with students from top schools), but now I’m telling them to spend money on their own to learn,” he said. “I thought it was the role of adults to practice enough under a good system.” Emphasized.

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