The reason why Andrigo can shout for promotion…”With coach Lee Woo-hyung”

 FC Anyang Andrigo (28) once again shouted ‘Anyang promotion’ with a voice full of confidence. The driving force behind this was coach Lee Woo-hyeong (57).

Andrigo took his first steps on the K-League stage last year. He appeared in 28 matches in the regular league alone, scoring 7 goals and 4 assists, quickly emerging as the core of Anyang’s midfield. Against Bucheon, he also wrote a new history by writing the first hat-trick for the club.

Anyang moved quickly to protect Andrigo and succeeded in signing a new contract with him. Andrigo, now in his second year on the Korean stage, is once again aiming for Anyang’s promotion.

On the 17th, Andrigo attended the 8th Media Camp of the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training held at the Namhae General Social Welfare Center in Gyeongnam and talked with the reporters. As soon as I sat down, he greeted me with the correct pronunciation, “Hello.” After being surprised by his unexpected Korean skills, he smiled and said in Korean once again, “I study Korean every day.”

He then changed his words to English and said, “I can read most of the Korean language. I am always studying through online lectures. Even when I came to the winter field training, I bought textbooks by courier and studied separately. I am studying in Portuguese and English. In English It’s a little easier to study,” he said, explaining his Korean language skills.

Andrigo’s academic zeal was astounding. He said, “I also studied economics in Brazil. I studied in depth because I run an investment company with my friends. His wife also speaks English well, so she is also studying English hard.”

Andrigo met an old friend in Korea from this season. This is Valdivia, a Brazilian friend who has just joined Jeonnam. He revealed his friendship with Andrigo at the media camp held in Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do the day before.

Valdivia burst into laughter, saying, “Actually, I was friends with Andrigo, so I contacted him before the opening match. We played in the same youth team about 10 years ago. I told him, ‘I’ll tackle you in the opening game’ as a joke.”

Even Andrigo couldn’t hold back his laughter when he heard this story. He said happily, “Valdivia is a friend I played with in Brazil a few years ago. He is always fun and cheerful. He likes jokes and pranks.”

Andrigo continued, “But only when the game is over. On the pitch, we are competitors. We must win, so we will try to be stronger. Physically, I am stronger.”

What advice would you give Valdivia, a ‘K-League junior’? Andrigo said, “Valdivia called and asked, ‘I’m going to Korea, what kind of style is Korean soccer?’ So he told me that it could be difficult because physicality is more important than technique. talked,” he said.

He didn’t forget the good words either. “Valdivia is a technical type of player, but he will adapt quickly. On the pitch, he is an enemy, but off the pitch, he will help a lot,” added Andrigo. Yet “

Andrigo struggled with an injury at the end of last season. He has not been able to play since September, and he has no choice but to play as a substitute in the promotion playoff confrontation with Suwon Samsung, where his fate is at stake. In the end, Anyang was eliminated after an extended bloody battle in the second game, and fans couldn’t erase the regret that ‘what would have happened if Andrigo hadn’t been hurt’. 스포츠토토

Andrigo felt the same way. When he brought up the topic of the promotion playoffs, he said, “If I had started in 100% condition, I could have helped the team more. It was sad to know that. It was the first time I had ever been injured before an important game. I am working hard,” he said vigorously.

Andrigo, who is trying hard not to suffer twice, was full of confidence. As Anyang lost a lot of key players this season, there are many concerns, but his thoughts were different. Andrigo confidently said, “The key players who are the basis of the team remain. There are changes, but not too big. Also, the new players are capable and can help the team. I felt it through training.”

He then emphasized that the renewal of the contract with coach Lee Woo-hyung is the biggest strength. “Above all, being with the coach is the most important thing. It gives the players confidence. We are a good team and we can fight for promotion,” said Andrigo. I have an experience that I almost did. Based on that, I have to do my best in every game. There is a good chance.”

Lastly, Andrigo said that he hopes not only himself and Valdivia, but also more Brazilian players to play an active role on the Korean stage. He said, “I’m looking forward to seeing more Brazilian leaders and players. It will be hard to adapt to Korea, but I believe that I can adapt as quickly as I have the skills. If I can help, I want to help.” “Brazilians love Korea. I also love Korea. I love the people and Korean culture. I hope more Brazilian players come to Korea to play.”

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