The puzzle of Pepper Savings Bank is coming together little by little.

Pepper Savings Bank began to lead in all indicators.

Pepper Savings Bank played the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Division GS Caltex game held at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju on the 23rd.

Two teams looking for a sweet win over the holiday season. Prior to the match, both teams had changes to their starting lineups. MoMA Letizia Basoko (registered name MoMA) from GS Caltex and Oh Ji-young from Pepper Savings Bank.

MoMA was absent due to a knee injury during the last game against Hyundai E&C. This match drew attention because it was the first confrontation since Oh Ji-young’s trade. Until the third round, Pepper Savings Bank showed a receiving efficiency of 32.93% and 19.53 digs per set. Pepper Savings Bank, where Oh Ji-young was located, was slowly rising with a receiving efficiency of 35.20% and 21.42 digs per set.

However, at the time of the trade with GS Caltex, Oh Ji-young could not participate in the GS Caltex game due to the ‘verbal agreement clause’. Even in his vacancy, Pepper Savings Bank rallied. He filled the spot perfectly with a receiving efficiency of 58.33% in this game. On the other hand, did GS Caltex have a large vacancy in MoMA? He was caught by Pepper Savings Bank, which ran in 7th place, and was unable to achieve a 4-game winning streak.

MoMA was particularly strong against Pepper Savings Bank. He used to put opponents to sleep with a 50.0% attack success rate and 0.091 serve aces per set. It was a shame because his firepower was strong, but it gave me one attack option. Momma is good at back attack. He actually used to diversify GS Caltex’s attacking options with a 44.55% attack success rate. In his absence, GS Caltex was responsible for most of the offensive points in the front line. In this game, GS Caltex’s rear attack succeeded only once after three attempts. The monotonous attack from the vanguard was blocked by the opponent.

Accordingly, the performance of Pepper Savings Bank’s middle blocker was also great. He took a lot of effective blocking from the center. He made his opponent struggle with 32 effective blocks and 10 blocks, including 10 Lee Go-eun and 9 Seo Chae-won. On the other hand, GS Caltex did not show the potential of a middle blocker. Of the 25 effective blocks, Kang So-hui had the most with 6.

Effective blocking in the center led to Digg success. Pepper Savings Bank raised 72 out of 84 and GS Caltex only 75 out of 94 digs. Pepper Savings Bank, which endlessly kicked off the opponent’s attack, seized the opportunity and poured out an onslaught. 메이저놀이터

In the deuce situation in the 2nd set, GS Caltex’s decisive power came out and gave up the set, but Pepper Savings Bank definitely got stronger. He showed the ability to overturn the 1st and 4th sets, which were being dragged, and won with a set score of 3-1 (26-24, 24-26, 25-23, 25-23). Pepper Savings Bank gave a big gift for the holiday season. In the next match, Oh Ji-young will join. The persistence and organization of this match should continue.

In addition, Lee Han-bi’s receiving burden, which shows his fighting spirit from injury, must be reduced. One of the driving forces behind the victory in this game is Park Kyung-hyun’s receiving efficiency. Because he endured well, Lee Han-bi was also able to find vitality in the attack.

However, he has to reduce the number of offenses after 20 points in order to win the streak. In this game, too, after 20 points, 5 offenses caught the ankle. Reduce mistakes and increase decision power. It is a victory requirement that applies to any team, but it is one of the elements that Pepper Savings Bank desperately needs.

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