The phrase that appeared on the Samsung Lions dugout board

“Dak Gong without fear.”

This is the phrase that appeared on the Samsung Lions dugout player situation board ahead of the match against SSG Landers on the 12th.

In order to revive the stagnant atmosphere of the team, which has recently fallen into a pit of five consecutive losses, someone wrote it on the top of the situation board before training. ‘Dak-gong’ literally means to attack without hesitation.메이저놀이터

It is a perfect sentence for the offensive power of the other line, which has rarely exploded during the recent losing streak. Samsung’s team batting average is 0.226, hovering at the bottom of the league as of the 12th.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man, who we met in the dugout before the game, said, “I’ve never seen that phrase written. I think it’s the most appropriate and necessary word for our team right now. If you try to hit the ball too much, you shrink and shrink. That’s the correct answer.” .

Afterwards, the team confirmed that catcher Kang Min-ho wrote that phrase on the situation board before training.

Kang Min-ho hit a solo shot that tied the score in the bottom of the 6th inning when he was dragged 3-4 in the SSG match the previous day. Currently, he is playing an active role as a veteran in the sluggish lineup and leading the team.

Director Park said, “Kang Min-ho is trying to show a good figure as a veteran. If he continues to play an active role as the center of the team, we expect that other hitters will also survive.”

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