The Korea Handball Association ends the partnership with Kim Rasmussen, the women’s national team coach, after 8 months.

Coach Kim Rasmussen (51, Denmark) and Korean women’s handball have come to an end.

An official from the Korea Handball Association told Sports Chosun on the 14th, “We prepared a safety device when signing the contract with coach Rasmussen. As a result, we decided not to go with the contract period anymore. After making the final decision, we delivered the contents to the person concerned. We are currently looking for a new foreign manager candidate.”

Korea announced a new start in May of last year under Rasmussen. Coach Rasmussen is the first foreign coach in Korean women’s handball history. Korea appointed a foreign coach for the first time in its history to revive its collapsed global competitiveness. Rasmussen has previously coached the national teams of Poland, Hungary and Montenegro. In 2016, he led Romania’s Bucharest to the top of the European Champions League.

He led Korea and achieved a victory in the 19th Asian Women’s Handball Championship. However, the Handball Association decided to end its association with coach Rasmussen. The official explained, “I need to get an Olympic ticket comfortably, but I lack trust.” He also parted ways with Rasmussen and his coaching staff. 스포츠토토

Contrary to the handball association’s explanation, coach Rasmussen complained of frustration. Director Rasmussen conveyed his feelings through personal SNS (social network service). He ‘recorded 16 wins in 16 matches. I could go on But my time in Korea is over. Disappointing. Cultural differences were too difficult to work with. My value was to keep my players as healthy as possible. Our coaching staff was true to our values ​​and knowledge. Research shows that quality wins over quantity. In our own way, we can show good results that players improve. Korean players suffer from back, knee and ankle injuries a lot. We decided to do our best to protect our players. He won all 16 matches in 16 matches, including the match against Japan, a major competitor. what more can we do I enjoyed trying this culture, the players worked hard and I loved it. The adventure is over. I don’t know what the future holds, but my destiny is open.”

After winning the Asian Women’s Handball Championship last year, coach Rasmussen said, “I am a foreigner. There are people everywhere who hate foreigners. Even if there is a slight problem, I will try to cut it. I don’t have distant plans, I want to focus on the present. If I continue to supervise, then I will make a plan and do it. I like working here. As a foreigner, it’s hard to be here, but I love my job.”

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