The Holland effect is insane!… ‘Land of boxer shorts’ England, sales of triangle panties ‘surge’ by 45%

Striker Erling Hollan (Manchester City), who is sweeping the UK with his monstrous scoring power, is showing an unexpected and crazy influence in the British underwear market.

The Norwegian striker, born in 2000, has been in the spotlight since his early days as a youngster for his excellent goalscoring ability. He scored 29 goals in 27 matches for Austria’s Red Bull Salzburg and 86 goals in 89 matches for Germany’s Borussia Dortmund, scoring close to one goal per game.

Hollan, who moved to Man City from Borussia Dortmund in Germany last summer, continued this scoring prowess in the Premier League. He scored 36 goals in 33 league games, breaking the Premier League all-time record for most goals in a single season.

He also shows his ability to score more than one goal per game, scoring 52 goals in 49 matches for Man City. Thanks to Halan’s performance, Man City are on the verge of a third consecutive league title, and have reached the finals of both the FA Cup and UEFA Champions League.

Halan captured even the hearts of British men with this terrifying performance.

The British Daily Mail said on the 19th (Korean time), “Because of one picture of Hollan, British men started to choose triangle shorts instead of boxer shorts.” “Hollan made triangle shorts trendy. Sales of triangle shorts accounted for a whopping 45%. I have increased,” he said.카지노사이트

Haalan posed for a commemorative photo with famous singer Noel Gallagher, a huge Manchester City fan, after the win over Arsenal last month. At the time, Hollan took off all of his top and bottom and was wearing only ‘C company’ white triangle panties.

When this photo was released on social media, it was reported that triangle panties began to become popular among British men.

TOFS, a discount department store with more than 200 stores in the UK, said, “Thanks to Holland, shelves in underwear stores are empty.”

The media said, “In fact, market analysts were able to confirm that triangle panties ranked first in the most popular items. Hallan’s influence in the market was highlighted.

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