‘The general manager’s second baseman suggestion?’ Kim Ha-sung’s new season, the competition for the main player on fire

San Diego infielder Kim Ha-seong (27) proudly challenged the competition for the starting pitcher, which became fiercer in the new season.

On the 27th, Kim Ha-seong boarded a plane to the United States via Incheon International Airport. Having taken a break from strengthening training at home, he is now preparing for his third season in the big leagues.

Kim Ha-seong, who spent his second season in the big leagues last year, left a strong impression and leaped to the starting lineup. The original shortstop, Fernando Tatis Jr., did not miss the opportunity that came when he left due to injury and discipline during the season.

Kim Ha-seong played in 150 games and recorded a batting average of .251, 11 home runs, 59 RBIs and 12 stolen bases. He also showed off his outstanding defensive skills and solidified his position as the main shortstop by posting his name as a finalist for the National League Gold Glove shortstop category.

However, in the new season, competition for the starting position became inevitable. San Diego strengthened its infield by acquiring Sander Bohartz, who made a name for himself as a shortstop for the Boston Red Sox. It is expected that Kim Ha-seong will compete fiercely for the position.

Ha-seong Kim, who met with reporters before leaving the country, was asked about the competition with Bohartz for the starting lineup. He replied calmly, “I think many people are worried, but competition is with any team,” and “I think I have to face it while being confident in what I can do.” “I will work hard to prepare for a good season,” he said.

As Bohartz joined, the possibility of a trade was raised, but it seems that the weight is focused on remaining. Ha-seong Kim said, “I have no burden at all about the trade.” He continued, “I think our team’s infield is the strongest among the 30 teams. We compete in it.”

He also recounted a conversation he had with San Diego general manager AJ Fraler. Ha-seong Kim said, “I told him that I would be playing a lot as a second baseman. Still, he said he would like to prepare for a shortstop as well.” chopped up   메이저놀이터

Kim Ha-seong is also ahead of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), which will be held in March prior to the opening of the major leagues. “I will do my best to catch two rabbits in the new season with the WBC,” he said, “I will do my best to show good results as much as I prepared hard.”

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