“The forkball doesn’t fall” It’s not easy to adapt to the smooth WBC official ball, struggling pitchers pile up worries

It seems that the World Baseball Classic (WBC) official ball could be a variable. Official pitches were given in advance to pitchers who were scheduled to be selected for the national team, but some players are having difficulty adapting. I can’t throw the ball the way I intended.

Orix Buffaloes right-hander Udagawa Yuki (25). He is the middle pitcher of the Japanese national team. He pitched his 7th bullpen on the 11th at Kyushu Miyazaki Spring Camp. However, while using the WBC official ball, he threw alternately with the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) official ball. The forkball did not fall normally.

Atsusa and Kazuyuki pitching coach issued an emergency prescription. After throwing 20 pitches, he had them throw both ends of the official ball.

According to Japanese media, the forkball went low as usual only when it was thrown with the NPB official ball. Coach Atsusa also serves as the bullpen coach for the Japanese national team.

The WBC official ball is a product of Rawlings, USA, which supplies major league official balls. It has a slippery surface and a slightly smaller feel than the NPB or KBO league official ball. The height of the stitches also differs slightly. As a pitcher who is sensitive to the ball, you have no choice but to pay attention.

Coach Atsusawa explained, “I was concerned about the pitch release, so my form collapsed. First of all, I gave instructions with the intention of trying to do it the way I threw last year.” Udagawa said, “I was too focused on the ball, so the timing was off.” 카지노

Orix manager Satoshi Nakajima (54) saw Udagawa’s bullpen pitching at the beginning of spring camp and issued a dissenting order, saying, “It’s useless as it is now. I’m not ready.” Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25) and Hiroya Miyagi (22), who will join the national team, adapted to the WBC official ball without difficulty, but Udagawa was reprimanded for not doing so.

Among some Japanese baseball fans, there is even an opinion that replacement should be considered. It is because it is an unconventional selection, and trust is not yet firm.

The story of adapting the official ball has been around since the first tournament in 2006. The Korean national team’s pitchers are somewhat different, but they have similar concerns. I have no choice but to adapt quickly before the competition begins.

Udagawa, who joined as a foster player in 2021, switched to an official player in July of last year and debuted in the first team in a month. In 19 games in the second half, he made a big success, recording 2 wins, 1 loss and 3 holds, and an average ERA of 0.81. He struck out 32 in 22⅓ innings.

He also appeared in 6 postseason games, posted 1 win and 4 holds, and recorded an earned run average of ‘0’. He was the driving force behind Orix’s Japan Series victory last year.

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