‘The controversial golf rule’… ‘Uriel’s honest disqualification’

It was a mistake by Alana Uriel (USA). In December of last year, it happened at the Qualifying School, the LPGA Tour’s ‘School College Scholastic Ability Test’. Uriel wrote the wrong score in the second round of Q School held at Magnolia Grove Golf Course in Mobile, Alabama, USA. The bogey was written as a par on one hole. Uriel found out about this since she turned in her scorecard, and she went to the race committee and reported herself. 슬롯사이트

Disqualified under Rule 3.3b of Golf. According to the scoring method of stroke play, the player carefully examines the hole score recorded by the marker, confirms and signs it, and submits the scorecard. Mistakes caused by the player not properly checking the scorecard will result in disqualification. There is no problem if the score is higher than the actual score on the submitted scorecard. He just needs to lose one stroke himself. However, if the score is lower than the original score, it will be disqualified.

At that time, Uriel recorded an even par 72 in the first round and a 4 under par 68 in the second round, and was tied for 18th place (4 under par 140). The LPGA Tour Q School first selects 70 players through four rounds. After that, 4 more rounds will be played, and full seeds will be given to the top 20 players, and conditional seeds will be given to the top 20 players.

Uriel is a debutant on her 2019 LPGA Tour. She pitched in 21 events last year, but lost her seed after finishing only 136th on the money list ($66,506). She tried to return to her regular tour through Q School, but ended up in tears when her scorecard came back. The local press praised, “Even though Uriel was disqualified, she acted honestly worthy of applause.”

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