Spence played only 5 minutes at Tottenham, but pledged to return, such as ‘rejecting the full transfer option’

Jed Spence has been classified as a timber that will become a key player for Tottenham Hotspur in the future.

Spence is a right-back full-back resource acquired by Tottenham during the transfer period last summer. He signed the contract expecting the future, but securing playing time was more difficult than he thought. Among his competitors, Emerson Royal was appointed as the starting pitcher, and Matt Doherty was selected as a backup. Even among the right full-back players, who are evaluated as Tottenham’s greatest weakness, Spence did not find a place. He made 4 appearances as a substitute in the English Premier League (EPL), playing just 5 minutes.

The Carabao Cup was 25 minutes, and the England FA Cup was 13 minutes. During the first half of the cup competition, the playing time was barely over 40 minutes. 카지노

In the end, he decided to leave Tottenham for a while after six months. This is because Pedro Poro joined Tottenham through the winter transfer market and the opportunity to play has further decreased. He was also connected to EPL clubs such as Brentford, Leicester City and Crystal Palace, but his destination was Stardren. He is expected to consider various aspects to run and grow as much as possible.

Spence also had a chance to say goodbye to his uncertain position altogether. Stadren offered a loan signing with a full transfer option. However, according to reporter Fabrizio Romano, who is well versed in the European transfer market, neither Tottenham nor Spence considered the option. This is because he has confidence that Spence can grow into a key player for Tottenham. Tottenham also decided to look forward to the future, considering Spence a promising resource.

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