Sooyoung Yeo Eun-byul, 5 gold medals at the National Disabled Students Sports Festival… One more from last year’s 4 gold medals

On the 17th, the second day of the 17th National Disabled Students Sports Festival, a competition was held for 130 gold medals in 14 events.

In the swimming event (S14), Yeo Eun-byul (15, Uijeongbu Hoeryong Middle School) of Gyeonggi-do won five gold medals (4x50m relay, 50m backstroke, 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 4x50m medley relay).

She won four gold medals at the last competition, and another gold medal this year. Yeo Eun-byul steadily trained for more than two hours after school every day to develop her strength and endurance, which led to good results in this competition.

In the women’s swimming 50m backstroke (hearing impaired) elementary and middle school finals, Ulsan Kim Tae-hee (15, Ulsan Meari School) crossed the finish line in first place (51.40 seconds).

Kim Tae-hee, who usually enjoys various sports such as alpine skiing, dance sports, and jumping rope, won two silver medals in the alpine skiing category at the 19th National Winter Sports Festival for the Disabled. She is training with the goal of participating in both the 2025 Summer Deflympics and the 2026 Winter Deflympics.

In the high school finals of the Boccia Mixed Individuals (BC3), Jeon Ju-yeong (18, Jumong School) of Seoul defeated Jeon Yong-hwan (16, Soongdeok School) of Chungbuk Province 4-2, winning two gold medals in a row following the 16th competition.

Since her third year of elementary school, she has competed in various sporting events for everyday life, and Jeon Ju-young, who has shown her prominence, is currently selected and trained as a new player in the Korean Disabled Sports Association. Jeon Joo-young said she dreams of participating in the 2028 Paralympic Games in Los Angeles as a national representative.

In the volleyball mixed 6-person standing (intellectual developmental disability) elementary, middle and high school game held at the Ulsan University Gymnasium, Gyeongbuk beat Seoul by a set score of 2-0 and won one win.

Gyeongbuk took a step closer to its goal of winning the gold medal, showing one level higher than Seoul in terms of teamwork and technology. Gyeongbuk will play against Daejeon on the 18th.메이저놀이터

In the floorball match, one of the popular events in this tournament, Gyeonggi-do defeated Jeonbuk and Gyeongnam in turn and won two wins. Floorball is a sport similar to hockey and is played indoors using plastic sticks and balls.

Popular events refer to events that are conducted in the form of sports competitions for everyday life, with emphasis on expanding the base of sports activities, and a total of 10 events, including basketball, volleyball, and badminton, were held as popular events at the 17th National Sports Festival for Students with Disabilities. Gyeonggi Province faces Gyeongbuk and Seoul on the 18th to determine the final winning team.

On the 18th, the third day of the competition, all 17 events will be held. Match schedule and results can be found on the official website of the tournament.

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