Son Jun-ho, whose phone was turned off immediately after the arrest, barely informed his family of his regards.

Son Jun-ho (Shandung Taishan), who was arrested by the Chinese police and is being investigated for six days in detention, sent a message of regards to his family through an interview with the Korean Consulate General.

On the 17th, Park Dae-yeon, CEO of Son Jun-ho’s agent, said in a phone call with CBS No Cut News, “We will appoint a lawyer to interview Son Jun-ho.” On this day, Son Jun-ho held an interview with the Korean Consulate General in Shenyang, China, and mentioned that there was no coercive investigation such as human rights violation. During the interview, he is known to have left only a simple regards to his family, “don’t worry.”

Son Jun-ho was arrested by the public security while leaving for Korea with his family at Shanghai Airport on the 12th. His team’s coach, Hao Wei, and players are being investigated for match-fixing charges, and it seems that the sparks also splattered Son Jun-ho.

Park emphasized, “There is absolutely no reason for match fixing and bribery.” He explained, “Son Jun-ho was selected as the K-League 1 Most Valuable Player (MVP) at the time of his transfer to China, and there were offers from 5 teams in China alone.” He mentioned that he did not have to pay a bribe to move, as there were offers from teams from England, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

Representative Park believes that China unreasonably arrested Son Jun-ho when it became difficult to investigate Son Jun-ho as a witness. He said, “I came to investigate the witness, and Jun-ho Son left the country unplanned (their investigation), so that was the beginning.”메이저놀이터

He continued, “I think (Son Jun-ho) was trying to grab it quickly rather than running away,” he said. added. The phone was turned off at the time of the arrest and all contact was lost after that.

Son Jun-ho was not in the best condition due to cold symptoms. It was not included in the best member of the next match. He was scheduled to return after staying in Korea for about 4 days to manage his condition after receiving permission from the club. Park explained that he even bought a round-trip ticket, but the Chinese police arrested him.

It seems that it will take some time before interviewing the lawyer. Representative Park said, “From the suitability of the power of attorney, there are many legal procedures, so it will take time,” and “I expect it to be next week.”

The Korean Consulate General, who met with Son Jun-ho, said, “We plan to provide all consular assistance necessary to guarantee Son Jun-ho’s human rights.”

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