‘SNS Controversy’ Seohyun Kim “I want Ohtani Slider”

One of the top rookies in professional baseball.

Hanwha pitcher Kim Seo-hyun is predicting an active season this season by throwing a 150km fastball in an exhibition game.

I bowed my head once again, saying I would become a mature person in the face of the social media gossip controversy.

This is reporter Kim Soo-geun.

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Kim Seo-hyun, who joined Hanwha with the first overall pick in last year’s rookie draft, threw a fastball that exceeded 150 km/h from the first appearance of his demonstration game.

He also clenched his fists after striking out his first pro against KIA Kim Ho-ryeong.

Although his pitching was a bit shaky, he showed off a bold pitch and received the attention of coach Subero.

[Kim Seo-Hyun/Hanwha]
“I understand that the ballpark’s electronic board has recorded up to 157 km/h. I can say that my physical condition is still the best.”

The fastball is her main weapon as she threw a ball at 160 km/h in high school, but Kim Seo-hyun was strongly stimulated by watching the WBC.

He was particularly mesmerized by the last ball thrown by Ohtani.

[Kim Seo-Hyun/Hanwha]
“I think it was a tournament that I really wanted to attend to the point of envy. (Ohtani’s ball) bends a lot, so I really wanted to learn that slider, and it made me want to bring it.”

Kim Seo-hyun said that she would use it as an opportunity to become more mature about the SNS gossip controversy that arose during field training and the subsequent punishment.

[Kim Seo-hyun/Hanhwa] “I lost a lot of weight and
was busy noticing. Since I’m still new to society, I think (I think) that I need to learn more and go on a path to become more mature.”

It didn’t work out, but Seohyun Kim is already waiting for her professional debut as well as the WBC in three years.스포츠토토

[Kim Seo-Hyun/Hanwha]
“I have been working hard for three years to build up my body, so I have a lot of thoughts about seizing that opportunity. I don’t like running away, so I think it’s good to look forward to it (even in international competitions).”

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