Seoul’s spring ‘welcome to the hero’… The largest number of spectators in professional sports during the corona era

Since the spread of COVID-19, the largest number of spectators in Korea’s professional sports have gathered at Seoul World Cup Stadium, where the match between Seoul and Daegu was held.

‘Superstar’ singer Lim Young-woong and fan club members heated up the ground, and the home team Seoul responded with a hot attack.카지노

This is reporter Kim Jong-seong.


Fans of singer Lim Young-woong gathered at the Seoul World Cup Stadium three hours before the match between Seoul and Daegu.

I don’t have the muffler that Lim Young-woong wore recently, so I can’t sell it.

Fans who came to the soccer field less than a day after returning from abroad cannot hide their excitement.

<Okji·Jin Yeo-shim/Members of the Age of Heroes)> “I came here because I couldn’t stop watching.

Fans even changed their dress code for Seoul.

<Hong Myeong-gi·Yoo Si-yeol·Jo Yeo-jin·Choi Gyeong-suk / Members of the Age of Heroes> “Originally, we were supposed to come in school uniforms (light blue clothes), but I came wearing manners (red clothes).”

I also prayed for a great victory for the team my beloved star is rooting for.

<Im Chun-ja·Kim Ae-kyung·Yang Yoon-hee/Members of the Age of Heroes> “(Who do you think will win?) It would be nice if Seoul won. 3-0! Our heroes are good and we are good…Good luck! (What is this?) Be healthy and happy!”

Lim Young-woong announced the start of the game with a powerful kick.

Wearing the uniform number 12, the symbol of the Seoul supporters’ Guardian God, he presented a song on the ground, and the Guardian God responded with a hanger for Lim Young-woong.

45,000 people, more than twice as many as usual.

With the largest number of spectators in Korea’s professional sports since the spread of Corona 19, Hwang Ui-jo, who is close to Lim Young-woong, scored a return to Korea, Na Sang-ho and Palosevich’s goals, and Seoul won 3-0 as a member of the ‘Heroic Age’ wished. It is.

The K-League, which even met the special ‘Superstar’ Lim Young-woong in the World Cup Round of 16.

The time has come for clubs and players to keep their heat on the ground.

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