‘Roma’s talent’ collapses as ‘the second Balotelli’… “Disappointed fans outraged”

AS Roma midfielder Nicolo Zaniolo goes down.

Zaniolo attempted to leave Roma in the transfer window this winter. He rejected the club’s offer to renew his contract. AC Milan and Tottenham Hotspur were discussed, but the transfer was not concluded. Manager Jose Mourinho completely ruled him out of the plan after he made the move public.

The problem is not only in Zaniolo’s mind. His skills are plummeting. According to ‘Football Italia’, Zaniolo averaged 2.73 shots per 90 minutes in Italian Serie A. This is a much lower figure than last season’s 3.92 times. Forward passes decreased from 2.05 to 1.11, and forward dribbles decreased from 7.72 to 6.16.

In this situation, he left behind the team he had been with for a long time and asked for a transfer, causing great anger from Roma fans. Some Roman fans say ‘Zaniolo, traitor. They hung up a banner that read, “Trash without pride.”

Zaniolo wore the Roma uniform in 2018 and was evaluated as the future to lead the team. He scored 24 goals and 18 assists in 128 games in Rome, playing as a second striker and false nine as well as his main position, attacking midfielder.

There was also great misfortune in his career. In 2020, his performance declined due to cruciate ligament injuries in January and September, but it is a sluggishness that cannot be explained only by injuries. 바카라

‘Football Italia’ said, “Even though Mario Balotelli has far more talent than Gianniolo, he draws comparisons between the two”.

What the two players have in common is that they rebelled against coach Mourinho. Balotelli clashed several times with coach Mourinho at the time of Inter Milan in the 2008-2009 season, and eventually ended up being excluded from the UEFA Champions League list.

Zaniolo also came to Mourinho this winter and conveyed his intention to transfer. Regarding this, Mourinho said, “I don’t know if a transfer will happen. I need a good offer to let him go, but it’s not enough at the moment. In the end, I think he will stay with the team,” and then excluded it from the plan.

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