‘Refugee Second Generation Ssireum Player’ Wendy’s dream

There is a boy who was born to refugee parents from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and became a promising wrestler in Korea.

I am Wendy Kim, a 6th grader in elementary school.

As a second-generation refugee, there were many restrictions, but today, the path to be registered as an official player has opened.

Reporter Lee Moo-hyung met.


A player of Cheong Satba overwhelms his opponent with a snatch technique.

I am Wendy Kim, a 6th grade elementary school player with good strength and excellent skills compared to her physique.

Wendy Kim, who swept the Gyeonggi-do tournament two years after starting wrestling, is a second-generation refugee with refugee parents from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

He was born in Korea and has no problems communicating.

[Soundbite] Kim Wendy/Ansan Maehwacho : “I was very skinny in the past, but wrestling made me stronger and my stamina improved…”] I’m

sure it’s a Korean elementary school student.

[“(What kind of friend is Wendy?) Funny friend!”]

Wendy Kim, who is stateless, has not been able to participate in the national competitions

because she cannot register as a wrestler in the Korea Ssireum Association unless she is a Korean national.

[Soundbite] Kim Wendy/Ansan Maehwacho : “I didn’t know either. I cried because I couldn’t go (to the competition).체스카지노

” The news has come.

The Ssireum Association has decided to allow players to register up to middle school students even if they are not of Korean nationality. [ Soundbite] Kim Seung-soo/Director Maehwacho

Ansan : “I can only play games with children who have hobbies… It was very disappointing, but I’m glad I can play a proper game now.”]

Kim Wendy, who is close to Biwesa of the , dreams of becoming a famous Korean athlete.

[Soundbite] Kim Wendy/Ansan Maehwacho : “I get a lot of pocket money by showing off my winning side, and if I lose, I’ll just admit it and win the next tournament.”]

KBS News Lee Moo-hyung.

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