Reflecting on the legendary defender, “I thought that Kim Min-jae’s level would drop…”

AC Milan’s legendary defender Alessandro Costacurta recognized Kim Min-jae.

Costacurta is literally a Milan legend. Except for the time when he was loaned to AC Monza for a season, he has been active in Milan all the time and has spent more than 20 years of his career in Milan. Although not tall at 183cm, Costacurta, who had excellent man marking and sophisticated tackling skills, was responsible for Milan’s defense by building the so-called ‘iron defense’ with Paulo Maldini, Franco Baresi and Mauro Tassotti. He is also a player who is always mentioned when choosing Milan’s all-time all-stars to this day. He is, of course, a man of considerable fame within the Italian Serie A.

Costacurta recognized Kim Min-jae. To be precise, he showed himself reflecting on himself for doubting Min-jae Kim even when he was recruited by Napoli. ‘Calcio Napoli’, an Italian media that delivers Naples news, revealed that another legend recognized Kim Min-jae by highlighting Costacurta’s remarks after the 20th round of Serie A between Napoli and AS Roma.

Costacurta appeared on ‘Sky Calcio Club’ of ‘Sky Sports’ in Italy and looked back on the game. First, Costacurta said, “Osimen is one of the five best strikers in the world. Today, Osimen scored an amazing goal, and Roma’s defenders couldn’t do anything. Napoli’s first goal was Nicola Zalewski. It came from a mistake by Osimen, I don’t know if I can give Hvica Kvarachhelia the assist record because Osimen has done everything.”

Costacurta continued, “Napoli sent too many players this season. When I saw Kim Min-jae join, I thought that Napoli’s level might go down, but looking at Kim Min-jae now, it’s like watching Kalidou Koulibaly.” I praised Kim Min-jae. 토토사이트

In fact, after joining Naples this season, Kim Min-jae has continued to play an active role, breaking the prejudice against Asian center backs. Possessing excellent physical condition, Kim Min-jae does not fall behind in competition against European strikers, and he never lags behind in terms of speed. Many legends, including Costacurta, are acknowledging and praising Kim Min-jae’s performance. Some even say that Kim Min-jae can aim for the best defender in Serie A this season.

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