‘Recognition of illegal gambling’ Lee Cheon-woong ‥ LG “Sincere apology”

Lee Chun-woong, a professional baseball LG player, admitted to being involved in illegal internet gambling and voluntarily appeared before the police.

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The LG club announced that Lee Chun-woong, who was suspected of illegal Inte메이저놀이터rnet gambling, admitted to the charges during the club’s own investigation the day before yesterday.

At the same time, he announced an apology saying, “I sincerely apologize for disappointing fans,” and “I will actively cooperate with the prosecution’s investigation and KBO’s follow-up measures in the future.”

At the end of last month, a report was received by the KBO that “a player from a club in the metropolitan area had been gambling on the Internet illegally since last year,” and suspicions that the player was Lee Cheon-woong arose.

Lee Chun-woong, who denied the charges in the first meeting with the club, eventually admitted the fact when the KBO requested an investigation and the club’s investigation continued.

Lee Cheon-woong voluntarily attended the police today and was investigated, and the KBO plans to decide the level of disciplinary action after observing the results of the investigation.

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