‘Rebounding and defense,’ Hwang’s key to 30-point victory

Head coach Hwang Jun-sam shares his thoughts on the victory over Hanyang University.

Kookmin University won 79-49 against Hanyang University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League at the Kookmin University Global Campus Gymnasium on November 7. A loss on this day would have made it difficult for KU to enter the playoffs, but with a convincing victory over Hanyang, KU restored its 5-for-6 winning percentage. They also moved up to fifth place in the standings.

It was a complete victory for KU in both offense and defense. At the end of the first half, the difference was already 25 points (45-20). Freddie had already completed a double-double with 10 points and 15 rebounds in the second quarter, while Cho Hwan-hee and Kim Jun-young also scored in double figures. KU didn’t have much trouble the rest of the way.

After the win, head coach Hwang Jun-sam said, “I think it was a good result because the players worked hard. I told the players at the beginning of the game that we shouldn’t lose the rebounding battle, but that worked well, so I think we played easily from the second quarter.”

The game was close until midway through the first quarter. KU then took full control and overwhelmed Hanyang University. Coach Hwang Jun-sam cited “rebounding and defense. True to his word, KU outrebounded Hanyang 49-27 and held them to 33% shooting from the field.

KU’s early lead was also due to the strong pressure defense they played immediately after scoring. Coach Hwang Jun-sam said, “We practiced a lot. We’re going to continue to do that rather than customize it to Hanyang University. Previously, we couldn’t do it because of the physical burden due to the small number of available players, but now there is no place to back down. We practiced with the idea of bumping into each other.”먹튀검증

Despite the 30-point victory, head coach Hwang Jun-sam expressed his disappointment. “It was frustrating because we made turnovers that we shouldn’t have and gave them points that we shouldn’t have. When we run away, we should definitely run away, but we made a lot of mistakes.”

With two games left, KU will face Korea University and Kyung Hee University. The team needs at least one more win to secure a spot in the playoffs. KU, which is undefeated, must win against Kyung Hee University, even if it is a bit difficult. Coach Hwang Jun-sam said, “We are not giving up on KU. Even if we lose, we have to do everything we can. We need to maintain our pace so that we can continue the momentum against Kyung Hee.”

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