‘Racist’ Valencia’s ridiculous defense…”Not all fans were racist”

“The whole stadium was not racist”

The Spanish La Liga has been plagued by racism in recent days. It started with the match between Valencia and Real Madrid in the 35th round of La Liga on March 22.

Vinicius, who started the game, was involved in a heated altercation with a Valencia home fan in the 27th minute. Racist chants from the stands were the cause. The referee turned a blind eye, and Vinicius ended up in tears].

The situation spiraled out of control. Real Madrid released an official statement after the game expressing regret. On social media, Vinicius posted a video of the racial abuse from the crowd. Soccer officials, including FC Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez, showed their support.

Eventually, Valencia acted quickly. “We have identified three people who chanted racist slogans and have permanently banned them from the stadium,” the club said in a statement. “The club has been campaigning against racism for years. There is no place for racism in football and in society,” it added.

The latter statement sparked controversy. “I would like to make a correction,” Valencia said. “I would like to correct one thing: what happened in recent matches has made all Valencia fans racist. This is not true, and I want to ask you to respect our fans,” he said.먹튀검증

There’s no guarantee that all 46,002 people in attendance at Valencia’s home stadium that day were racist. But if you check out the many videos from the scene, the vast majority of them were chanting racist slogans. There was no guilt on the part of the crazed home fans. They were clearly enjoying themselves as they mocked Vinicius, with racist chants of “monkey” echoing throughout the stadium. Soccer fans who saw the video were outraged. For the time being, Valencia is unlikely to be able to wash away the disgraceful image.

“We have decided to partially close the stands for Valencia’s five matches and fine them 45,000 euros (about $6,403),” the Spanish Football Federation said in a statement on Thursday.

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