‘Queen of the 4 Continents’ Lee Hae-in “I’m happy to show you everything in free… A really valuable gold medal”

Lee Hae-in (18, Sehwa Girls’ High School) of Korean figure skating women’s singles has reached the top of the International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating Four Continents Championships 14 years after Yuna Kim (33, retired).

Lee Hae-in scored 74.96 points in technical score (TES) and 66.75 points in art (PCS) in the women’s single free skating at the 2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating Four Continents Championships held at Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs, USA on the 11th (Korean time). The total score was 141.71 points.

She won the gold medal with a short program score of 69.13 and a final total of 210.84 points.

A silver medalist in the event last year, she finished 6th in the short program, and it seemed difficult to win a medal for the second year in a row. However, he completed the thrilling come-from-behind drama by neatly performing all elements in the free skating.

‘Figure skating general’ Kim Ye-rim (20, Dankook University), who took first place in the short program the day before, rose to second place with 209.29 points. Chiba Moe (Japan), who received 204.98 points, won the bronze medal, and Kim Chae-yeon (17, Surigo) ranked fourth with 202.39 points.

After Yuna Kim won the women’s singles event at the Four Continents Championships in 2009, Korean players continued to challenge the competition. However, it was rare that a winner emerged. Yoo Young (19, Surigo), who won the silver medal in the 2020 competition, and Lee Hae-in, the silver medalist last year, had the best results.

In this situation, Lee Hae-in won her gold medal, and the national anthem rang in her arena for the first time in 14 years. She finished in the final third in the first and second qualifying rounds of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics last year. Having failed to advance to the Olympic finals, where two tickets were taken, he shook off his disappointment by winning the silver medal at the Four Continents Championships. 온라인바카라

Lee Hae-in competed in two ISU Senior Grand Prix events this season, but finished fourth in both. However, she won the event, claiming her first ISU senior major gold medal.

After the match, Lee Hae-in told management company All That Sports, “I came to this competition with the thought of focusing on the process rather than the result. It is a very happy and valuable medal because I quickly forgot my regrets in the short game and showed everything I can do in the free.” revealed

Then, he promised to promote the world championships, saying, “The support you send has been a great strength. I will train happily so that there will be good results in the remaining world championships.”

Kim Ye-rim, who won the silver medal and stood on the podium at the Four Continents Championships for the second year in a row, also shared his feelings. “She won a silver medal after bronze last year, and I’m happy she’s improving,” he told management sign All That Sports.

He added, “I was aiming for a clean game, but I think I did everything I could, even though the last mistake was a little regretful.”

The Korean team, including Lee Hae-in and Kim Ye-rim, will return to Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 14th.

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