Pohang Yeojeon defeats Hyundai 3-0 in ‘mini east coast derby’

Pohang Yeojeon recorded its first win over Ulsan Hyundai in a ‘mini east coast derby’.

Pohang Women’s Football Club won 3-0 against Hyundai Go at Hwanggang Gunminsan Sports Park in Hapcheon, Gyeongnam, on Oct. 18 in the high school group stage of the 31st Queen’s National Women’s Football Tournament to be held in the 2023 Wellness Healing Specialty City of Hapcheon.

The two teams are powerhouses in the women’s soccer tradition. With the Pohang Steelers and Ulsan Hyundai in their respective hometowns, Pohang Women’s and Hyundai Women’s always have a fierce battle of pride. They are both favorites to win the tournament.

This day was no different. The game was close throughout the first 40 minutes. It was a tense seesaw game, with fierce confrontations in the midfield, and the balance was hardly broken.

The 0-0 balance was broken 14 minutes into the second half. Inside the penalty box, Lee Ha-eun showed her concentration and rattled the net with an accurate shot.

After taking the lead, Pohang Yeojin continued to play steadily. Even with a one-goal lead, they didn’t drop their line and pressured their opponents from the front, not allowing any chances. In the end, they scored one more goal in the 35th minute to seal the victory. Bae Yoon-kyung’s long free kick from the right side went straight into the back of the net, and the goal became a wedge goal. With the momentum on their side, Pohang Women celebrated their victory in the 39th minute when Park Je-ah scored one more goal from a free kick.

In other high school matches, Osan Information High School defeated Hanbit High School 3-1 and Chungnam Internet High School defeated Incheon Design High School 2-1. Dongsan High School and Dongbu High School played to a 0-0 draw.

In the secondary division, Jeonnam Gwangyoungjoong picked up its first win of the tournament with a 6-0 victory over Pohang Hangdojung. Gwangyoungjoong ran away with a comfortable victory, with Hwang Da-bin scoring a hat-trick.

Gangneung FC thrashed Jeju Seojoong 14-0. Lee Ji-won, Han So-yeon, Ha Eun-sung, Jang Ha-young, and Jang Se-eun each scored twice in the victory.먹튀검증

Kangkyeong Girls’ Middle School won 4-1 in Danwol Middle. Yesung Girls’ Middle School won 2-0 against Assumption Girls’ Middle School.

In the elementary division, Gangneung FC continued their dominance. They won 7-2 against Seoul WFC. Namsan, Chimsan, and Namgang also reported victories.

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