Permanently expelled handball coach for violence, openly participates in competitions

Discipline ended in 2020 after expulsion 10 years ago
Return of provincial leader Canceled registration belatedly
Korea Handball Association “We will supplement the system”
A former youth national team coach who was permanently expelled for violently assaulting a youth player returned as a high school team leader in Gangwon-do and competed in a national competition, but was found to be ineligible for coach registration and his registration was canceled.

According to the Korea Handball Association, etc., coach A was permanently expelled from the association for violently assaulting a player while teaching the youth team in 2013, but the disciplinary level was reduced in 2017 with a three-year suspension from the association, and the disciplinary action ended in 2020.

Afterwards, Coach A was appointed as the coach of B High School in Gangwon Province last year and participated in the 78th National Handball Championship held in Jeongeup, North Jeolla Province last month.스포츠토토

However, according to the Korea Handball Association athlete registration regulations, “If you are subject to a disciplinary action of suspension of qualification for more than one year for match fixing, biased judgment, violence/sexual assault, embezzlement/breach of trust at the Sports Association or an organization related to the Sports Association, you will be permanently registered as a leader, referee, or player manager.” can’t do it.” This is an item that is also listed in the Korea Olympic Committee regulations, and is applied to most events in Korea.

In addition, from the time Mr. A was appointed as a coach, there was controversy both inside and outside. Some complainants also filed complaints with the Gangwon-do Sports Association, saying that it was inappropriate for Mr. A to coach high school players.

The Korea Handball Association previously explained, “Since the disciplinary period has ended, there is no procedural problem with Mr. A becoming a high school coach.” did. It is known that the association also sent related official documents, such as cancellation of registration, to the local sports club.

An official from the Korea Handball Association said, “We will supplement the system in the future so that those who fall under the reason for disqualification from registration will not be registered at all.” “he said.

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