‘Only 3 send-offs’ Jeonbuk ends bloody battle ‘Song Min-gyu-Han Kyo-won consecutive goals’ Jeju 2-0 victory ‘first away win + 7th place jump’

Jeonbuk Hyundai added 3 precious points in the away game.

Jeonbuk won 2-0 with consecutive goals from Song Min-gyu and Han Kyo-won in the 8th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 against Jeju United held at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 23rd. Jeonbuk overcame the previous loss against Suwon FC and took their 3rd win (1 draw and 4 losses) of the season. With 10 points, he immediately jumped to 7th place. It is also Jeonbuk’s first away win this season. On the other hand, Jeju, who had been on a two-game winning streak, suffered a painful defeat at home. Jeju did not win at home this time either. 10,041 spectators visited the Jeju World Cup Stadium. It was the largest crowd in Jeju this season.온라인카지노

Both Jeju and Jeonbuk pulled out a 3-4-3 card. Jeju put forward Ji Sang-wook-Yuri-Kim Dae-hwan three-top team. Lee Joo-yong, Koo Ja-cheol, Lee Chang-min, and Ahn Hyun-beom were seated at the waist. The three-back was made by Kim Bong-soo, Kim Joo-won, and Kim Oh-gyu. The goalkeeper’s gloves were worn by Kim Dong-jun.

Jeonbuk pulled out a three-top card, Song Min-gyu, Silva-Lee Dong-jun. Lee Dong-jun came out as a starter after a long time. Jung Woo-jae, Amano Jun, Baek Seung-ho and Park Chang-woo stood in the midfield. With Kim Moon-hwan’s injury, Park Chang-woo got a chance. Park Jin-seop, Kim Geon-woong, and Jeong Tae-wook were in place for the three-back. The goal was guarded by Kim Jung-hoon.

In the first half, a boring search continued. Jeonbuk found a way to attack with a long pass from Baek Seung-ho, and Jeju with Ahn Hyun-beom’s infiltration. However, there were no significant scenes. Jeju changed first. In the 13th minute, Sangwook Ji Sangwook and Daehwan Kim were removed and Jinsoo Seo and Hayes were put in. Jeonbuk seized the opportunity first. In the 14th minute from a corner kick, Amano connected the ball with a left-footed shot, but it was blocked by the goalkeeper. Jeju Island launched a counterattack. In the 22nd minute, Ahn Hyun-beom broke through and hit a mid-range shot with his left foot. A minute later, the ball Hayes gave away and Koo Ja-cheol cut back did not lead to a shot.

Jeonbuk’s offensive continued. In the 32nd minute, Song Min-kyu crosses from the left. Jeong Tae-wook connected with a header, but headed straight to the goalkeeper. In the 37th minute, Amano, who received a through pass from Hafa Silva, hit a right-footed shot, but the defense blocked it. Jeju seized a good opportunity. In the 38th minute, Ahn Hyun-beom connected Yuri’s pass with two shots, but it was blocked by the defense and goalkeeper.

Jeonbuk scored the first goal. In the 40th minute, Song Min-gyu, who received a long pass from Jung Tae-wook, broke down the defense with a perfect solo play, and scored with a calm right-footed shot. Song Min-gyu celebrated the goal with a roaring ceremony.

Both teams sped up in the second half. In the 3rd minute of the second half, just before Ahn Hyun-beom caught Lee Chang-min’s pass, goalkeeper Kim Jeong-hoon made a quick decision to block it. In the 8th minute, Lee Dong-jun, who was injured, was replaced by Han Kyo-won. In the 18th minute, Jeju led Hayes’ corner kick with a header from Yuri Jonatan, but it was disappointing that it went straight to the goalkeeper. In the 20th minute, Lee Chang-min, who received a pass from Hayes, hit a cannonball shot. It caught the goalkeeper’s save. In the 21st minute, Hayes attempted an exquisite kick. It was blocked by Kim Jung-hoon’s super save.

Jeonbuk also counterattacked. In the 25th minute, Hafa Silva’s powerful left-footed shot hit the defense and went slightly off the post. In the 27th minute, when the corner kick flowed backwards, Baek Seung-ho connected with a volley, but it missed wide. Immediately in a counterattack situation, Han Kyo-Won and Happa Silva led the ball, and Kim Dong-Jun’s save was caught. In the 28th minute of the second half, Jeju took out Kim Bong-soo and Seo Jin-soo and put in Jeong Woon and Kim Ju-gong.

A variable has been created. In the 30th minute, Hafa Silva hit the opponent’s defense with his elbow during an aerial duel, and was eventually sent off due to an accumulation of yellow cards. Jeju’s offensive continued. In the 33rd minute, Yuri Jonatan’s overhead kick was blocked by Jeonbuk’s defense, and the subsequent shot was blocked by goalkeeper Kim Jeong-hoon. Another variable continued in the 37th minute. Coach Kim Sang-shik and the assistant referee got into an argument, and the referee gave Kim a red card. Finally, in the 40th minute, Jeju removed Kim Joo-Won and put Lim Dong-Hyeok in to strengthen the height.

Jeonbuk took out Baek Seung-ho and Park Chang-woo in the 44th minute and put in Maeng Seong-woong Choi Chul-soon to solidify it. Jeonbuk launched a counterattack in the 44th minute when Han Kyo-Won took away Jung Woon’s mistake, and Han Kyo-Won gave the ball to Song Min-Gyu, who was running in. Song Min-kyu’s shot hit the defense and hit the post, and Han Kyo-won pushed it. It was a cuneiform bone. Jeonbuk even put Hong Jeong-ho in place of Amano in extra time to further strengthen their defense. Jeju went on the offensive at the last minute, but in the end, Jeonbuk could not open the goal. To make matters worse, Jeju’s Lee Ju-yong was sent off during extra time. The match eventually ended 2-0.

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