‘Official offer’ finally comes to Lee Kang-in… ATM starts negotiations with ’28 billion + Sungol Youth’

Atletico Madrid (ATM) have finally made an offer for Lee Kang-in (Mallorca, 22).

Lee has been Mallorca’s ace in the hole this season. He has formed a great partnership with partner Bedat Murki, scoring six goals and five assists in 35 La Liga games and reaching double-digit attacking points. His performances helped Mallorca climb to 12th place in the standings.

Lee is expected to leave Mallorca after this season. With the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, several clubs have expressed interest in his talents. Several media outlets have suggested that Lee will make a move in the summer transfer window.

The most heavily linked team is Atletico. Atletico were also interested in Lee in the winter transfer window. No official offer was made at the time, but it was clear they had him on their list. With Mallorca’s stance that they would never allow the player to leave during the season, they decided to wait until the summer to sign him.

Atletico are looking to sign Lee in a deal that includes cash and players. “Atletico have sent their first official bid for Lee to Mallorca,” Spain’s Occhiadieiro reported on Sunday (Aug. 2).

“The bid includes cash and a player. Atletico have slowed down their pursuit of Lee as Newcastle have shown interest in him.” The bid is expected to be in the region of €20 million and the player is likely to be Atletico’s Sacred Heart youth, Rodrigo Riquelme.먹튀검증

Riquelme is a second-choice option who can dribble and kick. With a similar style to Lee, he played for Verona this season and is set to return to Atletico next season. Atletico are showing their intentions to sign Lee by including the youthful Riquelme in their negotiations.

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