NY Yankees = Salty? Player pays for in-flight Wi-Fi One of two teams

The New York Yankees, the most prestigious American professional baseball (MLB), is estimated to be worth $6 billion (approximately 7.87 trillion won), the fourth highest among all sports teams in the world. (Data released by Forbes in 2022) Major League

Baseball 1st among The total annual salary of the players this season reaches 267.9 million dollars (approximately 351.48 billion won).

It has been revealed that the Yankees, a rich team, is forcing players to pay for Wi-Fi in the cabin of the plane they board when the team moves.먹튀검증

According to a recent report by Sports Illustrated (SI), out of 30 MLB teams, only two teams do not pay the $9 network fee for Delta Airlines flights. Cincinnati Reds and Yankees. According to Spottrak, an American professional sports media outlet, the total annual salary of Cincinnati’s players this season is $70.6 million (26th), which is only about 26% of that of the Yankees.

“It’s your fault,” center fielder Brett Gardner said to teammate Garrett Cole during an interview with SI. “Your contract is so big that the club can’t pay for Wi-Fi.”

Cole signed a major contract in 2019 for nine years, $324 million. He gets $36 million a year. This accounts for 13.4% of the Yankees’ total annual salary.

According to the SI report, a team’s in-flight Wi-Fi plan is about $40,000 per year, and the cost per player is about $350 (about 460,000 won).

“I think most players can afford that money,” general manager Brian Cashman told SI. He is not wrong, as the lowest paid player in the Yankees is 1.3 million dollars (approximately 1.7 billion won).

The team’s highest-paid player is Han Aaron Judge, who signed for nine years and $360 million last offseason. His annual salary of $40 million accounts for about 15% of the team’s total annual salary.

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