Now even mentioning ‘military service’… Why is Japan passionate about the intellectual quality of Korean baseball?

‘Samurai Japan is the world’s No. 1 player… Announcement of WBSC rankings, a big gap with the US, Korea ranked 5th’. This is the title of an article on the 29th of Japanese media Full Count. This article rose to 8th place in Yahoo Japan’s comment ranking that day. Thanks to over 1200 comments.

The contents of the article were also reported a lot on our side. Japan widened the gap with the United States in second place. Ranking points 5323 vs. 4402. I was ahead by 921 points. Of course you deserve to be proud. Aren’t you in a state of high spirits after winning the WBC? Even if it’s a world ranking that doesn’t mean much, it’s a news item that works at this timing.

But the title is a bit different. I dare to insert Korea, which is one step away (4th place → 5th place). That too at the very end. ‘… Korea ranks 5th’. Hang a fishing hook like this. It is an obvious trick. It’s a trick that calls for views and comments.

There can be no good reaction. ‘The former player Ichiro’s words are coming true’ ‘Let’s not call Korea a rival now’ ‘Korea should deeply reflect on the fact that baseball-related media and players’ consciousness and dignity are falling behind by several steps’ ‘After winning the mound There should be no country that counts flag-raising as the best scene in Korea’. These comments and criticisms appear in the comment section.

With the WBC championship, Japan’s momentum is on the rise. Every day, news about Shohei Ohtani fills the news. Director Hiteki Kuriyama, Yu Darvish, and Lars Nuthba are also regular customers. “Actually, this happened then.” The back story of this kind of competition is in full swing.

it’s a natural right It would be like a reward for victory. Enough to enjoy and enjoy. He showed such good performance and produced a dramatic match.

But it doesn’t stop there. He keeps adding Korean stories. It highlights the fact that he was eliminated in the first round of three consecutive tournaments. At the same time, he points out in detail what is the problem, why it does not work, and what and how to fix it.

There is a media called Bunshun Online. It is the Internet version of Shukan Bunshun (週刊文春), a mass media that has been around for over 60 years. It is famous for its paparazzi coverage of celebrities. Some even classify it as the yellow press.

This media published an analysis article a few days ago. It is titled ‘The cruel story of Korean baseball that collapsed due to military service and Ijime’. Quoting the comments of a reporter stationed in Korea, this is how we convey the defeat in Japan. “I didn’t expect there to be such a difference. It’s a huge shock situation. 10 pitchers were put in until the 7th inning, but they couldn’t stop it at all. It is a league that continues easy reinforcement, such as taking Suarez, who retired from Japan. There is a lack of attitude to develop players.” 스포츠토토

At the same time, the point raised is the issue of military service. The media said, ‘During the 2006 tournament, a special exception was applied to exemption from military service if you entered the semifinals. However, it was later abolished due to equity issues with other events. After that, it hasn’t even broken through the first round for a long time. The carrot is gone, and only the stick remains.”

It’s not just this place. There is no end to criticism and intellectual criticism through various community comments. ‘It is true that the conscription system is a detriment to the development of sports’ ‘If an athlete has to enlist in the military at a prime age, it is a big problem to demonstrate one’s ability’ ‘Military service is a relic of the 20th century’ ‘Military service exemption is a short-term result. You shouldn’t expect it’.

Of course, I want to congratulate myself. It is the first championship in 14 years since the 1st and 2nd tournaments. Ohtani Shoheira showed off his pride to the fullest. It was a great win, an impressive game. It’s enough to take as much as you want and enjoy it to your heart’s content.

But it should stop there. There is no need to accompany the defeat of others. It is a painful and painful wound. It’s a matter of messing with it. Why do they point out the cause of failure and the problem? Why is sadism revealed in the name of analysis?

Above all, military service is a much more sensitive area. This is a different level of thinking about the basics of a country. It is an agenda that should take precedence over anything else. It is inappropriate to dare to mention that international competition results are falling because of it, and that it is the cause of the defeat. It is an outright meddling and an infringement.

We have already gone through a scathing process on this matter. It is an issue for which a national consensus has been reached. It’s not a matter of anyone else’s opinion. This is even more so if it is a neighboring country with a history to be forgotten.

High spirits, high spirits, arrogance.

I just hope that their victory will not be tarnished by these words.

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