Not a strong candidate for nomination, but three Asian Quarter participants worth remembering

It seems that the thoughts of the seven clubs that have completed the schedule for the second day are somewhat organized.

On the 26th, the 2023 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) men’s Asian quarter tryout schedule was held at Jeju Sun Hotel and Halla Gymnasium. The seven men’s teams, which have thoroughly analyzed the participants through many-to-many interviews, medical checks, and practice matches over two days, are now only ahead of the final nomination.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

During the two-day schedule, each club organized their thoughts to some extent. Of course, there are clubs that find it difficult to prioritize to such an extent that they say that they would rather be ranked second or third rather than ranked first. However, the number of candidates whose names are mentioned in all clubs is actually set at around 4 to 6. In other words, the majority of the 24 participants are not highly likely to be selected.

Nevertheless, if you are a volleyball fan, there are players who have fully demonstrated their abilities, which are worth remembering. These may be surprise nominations in the lower order in the final draft, and even if not, they are players you can meet again in the upcoming Asian Games or 2024 Asian Quarter Tryouts. <The Spike> selects and introduces three of them.

① Batsuri Batur (Mongolia, OH) – Uncontrollable energy
Batsuri Batur was the most action-packed and flashy player among Asian Quarter participants. His characteristic attacking stance with his arms swinging wide and his fighting spirit of pouring 100% from warm-up to the final game were a hot topic throughout the two days. The red armband that draws attention was also his trademark.

However, he was not a player who was only flashy on the outside without stalling. During the two-day practice game, he showed a fighting spirit and stood out in attack. However, it is regrettable that his unique movements are too big and his greed was somewhat excessive, so he often made mistakes.

② Manuel Sumanggide (Philippines, L) – Ryohei Iga is on equal footing He
is one of the two liberos who applied for the Asia Quarter tryout along with Ryohei Iga. Sangmu also came to Jeju Island to participate in practice matches, but the number of liberos was not enough for the numerous practice matches. Naturally, the number of appearances for Sumanggide had to increase, and the confrontation with Iga continued.

However, Sumanggi was not far behind Iga, one of the biggest fish in the tryout. On the contrary, there were several Gyeonggi Provinces that showed better performances. There was no sense of stability as much as Iga, but he did not expose the part that made him anxious. The bold overhand 2-step connection was his own weapon that even Lee Ga could not show.

③ Amontep Conhan (Thailand, OP) – Terrible offensive power that proves the power of Thai volleyball
Amonthep Conhan, the only Thai participant in this tryout, showed the most outstanding offensive power among all participants. His strong serve with a tremendous plosive sound and quick, sharp attacks were enough to surprise the officials who were not very aware of him. Although he is 188 cm tall, he is also a left-handed apogee with explosive power, which reminds him of Sangmu’s Kim Dong-young, with whom he worked together.

However, it was regrettable that he seemed somewhat tired on the second day and that he had difficulty speaking English. There were some teams who showed some interest in his explosive power on the first day, but it is rumored that interest has cooled somewhat after the many-to-many interviews and practice matches on the second day. It’s not that there’s no chance of a surprise nomination, but it doesn’t seem likely at the moment.

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