NBA All-Star Game, 14 bench members including George and Embiid confirmed

 Reporter Lee Sang-cheol = 14 bench members to play in the NBA All-Star Game have been confirmed.

The NBA Secretariat announced on the 3rd (Korean time) the list of NBA All-Star Game bench members selected by the coaches of 30 clubs.

In the Western Conference, Paul George (LA Clippers), Shai Gilgeous Alexander (Oklahoma City Thunder), Jaron Jackson Jr., Ja Morant (Memphis Grizzlies), Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers), Lauri Makkanen (Utah Jazz), Domantas Sabonis (Sacramento Kings) was selected.

Eastern Conference players include Bam Adebayo (Miami Heat), Jaylen Brown (Boston Celtics), Derma DeRozan (Chicago Bulls), Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers), Tyrese Halliburton (Idiana Pacers), and Cruz Halladay (Idiana Pacers). Milwaukee Bucks) and Julius Randle (New York Knicks).

They will be on the stage of the All-Star Game with the selected members confirmed by the players, media, and fan votes. 토토사이트

Starting roster: Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee), Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets), Donovan Mitchell (Cleveland Cavaliers), Jayson Tatum (Boston, Eastern Conference), LeBron James (LA Lakers), Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors), Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks), Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets), and Zion Williamson (New Orleans Pelicans, Western Conference).

The All-Star Game, which will be held on the 20th at Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, will be played in a confrontation between James and Antetokounmpo, who won first place in the two conference votes, as captains.

James and Antetokounmpo select players to take to Team LeBron and Team Giannis from eight players on the starting list and 14 from the bench in the draft that will be held right before the game.

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