Nagelsmann and Tuchel as seen by Bayern Munich legends

Lothar Matheus (62) is a legend of German football and a living legend of Bayern Munich. During his active career, he joined Munich twice, played a total of 302 matches, played midfield and defense, but also scored 85 goals.

How did the Bayern Munich manager change this season look in the eyes of Matheus? This media outlet ( Arab Edition recently conducted an interview with Matheus. At this meeting, Matheus said of the dismissal of Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann, “It was a big surprise to many people, not just me. PSG), Inter Milan and Barcelona all beat twice.”

“It wasn’t perfect in the Bundesliga, but it wasn’t far from the championship. When I first heard that Nagelsmann was leaving, I thought it was a joke. Not all players are on the coach’s side in the dressing room, but many players are happy with Nagelsmann and he is “Sometimes things happen that we don’t know about. We don’t know what the club made a decision for. I personally don’t know.”카지노사이트

He also gave his opinion on the reason for appointing Thomas Tuchel, who took the new baton. “Tuchel was close to going to Juventus. Tuchel was a free agent and the club didn’t trust Nagelsman 100%.

On the other hand, Matheus has a record of 150 appearances in A-match wearing the uniform of the German national team. Matheus was the player who broke the record of 103 games held by ‘Emperor’ Franz Beckenbauer in 30 years. Regarding this, he said, “I broke the Beckenbauer record against Poland in 1991. Records are broken every day. Thomas Müller had a chance, but not anymore. Manuel Neuer is also very close. He can play another three years as one of the best players in the world. I believe there is,” he said, hoping Neuer would break his own record.

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